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Last Updated: 6-2-2004


Pardon the ads! If you scroll upwards, you'll notice a banner ad at the top of this page. In fact, there is a banner ad at the top of every frame (started by a change in Angelfire's ads policy). I am doing my best to minimize their effect on my site. Feel free to turn on any pop-up blockers you want, while I welcome you to this little corner of cyberspace. Here you'll find a small collection of stories written by members of the TWZ (aka Pumpkin-2, formerly known as NEWST) community. Some are short, others are epic, all are worth the time to read! Browse through the Library at the left to get started!

Latest News:

June 2nd, 2004

I put up a new sketch of Barret for FF7: The MLP Edition. I haven't updated the story itself in a while, due to other obligations eating at my time. But I haven't forgotten it either, and I will be working on redoing the existing chapters and uploading the others.

The TWZ (Pumpkin-2) group is still without a true host, but our forums are still available at the following links:

Pumpkin-2 Chat is also still available on , channel #Pumpkin-2.

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* Draconus is actually a pen name for myself, Stratadrake of TWZ.