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Pumpkin-2 Projects

© 1999-2004 Stratadrake of TWZ


Due to the recent (Feb. '04) closure of the domain, I offer this section of my site as a backup for the projects I work on as a member of Pumpkin-2. Here is a list of those projects, and links for download.

Warzone Customizer Kit v2.0

v150 Full Install | v155 Update (for v150)

Extras 1 | General Instructions

The Warzone Customizer Kit utility, WZCK for short, is a multi-module editing suite designed to make and compile several different types of mods for Warzone 2100.

Pie Slicer DX

v082 Full Install | v112 Update (for v082) (3-2-2005)

Pie Slicer is a graphics editor designed to create, edit, and render 3D objects and models in Warzone's native ".pie" format. v112 is the latest update to Pie Slicer at this time.

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