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Warzone Customizer Kit

Version 2.0 Installation Guide

Step One - System Requirements:

If this is your first time installing WZCK2.0, you may need to download various system files to prepare your system for WZCK2.0 installation.

First and foremost you will need the VB6 Runtime files. This comes built-in to newer releases of Windows (like XP), but can also be found in various places across the Internet, for example, has it available somewhere.

You will also need the following Windows Common Controls (mscomctl.ocx, comdlg32.ocx, and picclp32.ocx) installed in your Windows' System directory. These files also come built-in to newer releases of Windows, and are common to many VB6-built programs, so chances are you may already have them installed as well. If not, grab the "Required System OCX Files" from the "Utilities & Editors" downloads page and unpackage the contents into your Windows' System directory.

Step Two - Choose Your Version:

Several versions of WZCK2.0 are available for download. WZCK downloads fall into three categories:

Stand-alone Versions. Standalone versions of WZCK always say "Full" in their filename. A standalone version of WZCK2.0 may be installed either by itself, or on top of a previous WZCK version. As of 2004 the latest standalone version of WZCK2.0 is v128.

Patches and Updates. WZCK Patches always say "Update For" in their filename. These are designed to be installed on top of the specified version of WZCK. As of 2004, the latest patch to WZCK is the v138 Update (For v128). This must be installed on top of a v128 or higher version of WZCK to function properly. Patches and updates will not run properly if they are installed to an empty directory; they must be installed on top of an existing WZCK version.

Add-Ons. WZCK2.0 Add-Ons can be identified because they say "Extras" or "Add-Ons" in their name. These are additional little features that can be used by WZCK2.0, but are not required. As of this writing, only one add-on for WZCK2.0 is available; Add-On Pack 1, dated late 2001, contains several custom startup screens for WZCK, as well as instructions on how to use Warzone screenshots for custom startup screens yourself.

The rule of thumb to use when deciding on a version is that the highest-numbered version is usually (though not always) the best. But if the highest-numbered version is a patch/update for an existing WZCK version, you should first download/install the requisite standalone version if you do not already have it (or a higher version), and then download/install the patch/update on top of it.

Step Three - Download and Installation

If this is your first time installing WZCK, you should choose one of the standalone versions. You should also create a separate folder for WZCK2.0 (personally, I recommend creating a WZCK subfolder inside of your Warzone 2100 directory).

WZCK2.0 comes in a compressed ZIP file, so you will need to have a Zip utility (WinZip, NetZip, WinRar, etc.) installed on your system to install WZCK2.0 with.

Select the WZCK version you want to download it and, when prompted, locate your WZCK directory and download the zipfile into there.

After the download has completed, open up the zipfile in your zipping utility and extract all files from the ZIP into your WZCK directory. Be sure to use your zip utility's use-folder-names type option, so that the files will be installed in their proper sub-directories. Otherwise, WZCK may not run properly once installed.

Step Four - For More Information...

Once installation is complete, please browse through the WZCK 2.0 Readme that was installed with your version of WZCK2.0 . The Readme file contains additional information about WZCK2.0, such as what changes were made since the last version and how to report any bugs you find.

If you have any more questions or problems, do not hesitate to post them on the Pumpkin-2 forums where our community members can give live help and solutions.