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Silver Wings

© 2000-2001 Strata Drake of NEWST.


In the year 2150, the Project city of Renaissance had received a distress call from overseas, where scavenger clans were being harassed by a powerful military threat known as the Red Dragon. The possibility of buried nuclear technology gave the Project a mutual interest in the overseas effort, and in response, they sent one of their best groups to New Asia, headed by ground commander Sheridan and aerial commander Nigel of the Team Fenix air-defense fleet. The welcome was harsh; the Red Dragon had recovered three powerful Pre-Collapse supervehicles codenamed the Nova Dragons, and used the first Novadragon--the Nova Sea Dragon hovertank--to attack their forces. Sheridan and Nigel located an ally named Aireus in an underground Pre-Collapse installment, who gave them vital information about fighting the Nova Dragons. The war was a tough experience for everyone. They endured one of their most disastrous defeats at the turrets of the "Nova Sky Dragon" superjet, suffering 90 percent human casualties. The team would recover, however, with the aid of a few local scavenger clans. With these clans and the innovations of their remaining research crew, the Project team enhanced their weapons and discovered a key defensive technology that could turn the war in their favor, an EMF generator whose field disrupted all incoming weapons and detonated them prematurely. With EMF in hand, they fought back the Red Dragon by destroying its largest base yet, but in its demise, the Red Dragon left the Sky Dragon behind to deal with them. The Sky Dragon countered and eventually destroyed the defensive EMF generator, and in a grueling battle, destroyed two entire scavenger outposts as the Project team desperately tried to inflict damage. They might have lost if it were not for the aid of a white army known to the scavengers as the "Phantoms", who provided the Sky Dragon with a second front and bought Sheridan's team the help they needed.

Chapter One: Into The Past

Three months after the final battle in the Red Dragon's War, Sheridan and Falco's scavanger clan have rebuilt from their losses and have rebuilt most of their Project capabilities and technologies. On a word from Aireus, Sheridan instructs his two co-commanders, Nigel of airfleet Phoenix and Falco or hovergroup Seadrake to dig up the Pre-Collapse base in which they had originally found Aireus. The dig is an initial success, but once inside, their away team picks up clues that someone else has been there. Whom else could be taking an interest in Pre-Collapse military bases, and why??

Chapter Two: Ghost Hunt

When Phantom units appear in Project vicinity, Sheridan must turn his attention away from Nigel's team and focus on why these mysterious allies have returned. What--or maybe who--has brought them back into Project territory?

Chapter Three: Dig

Four stories below the surface, Nigel's team continues their exploration of the Pre-Collapse military installment--and discover an enemy who would like them six feet under.

Chapter Four: Ultimatum

The Red Dragon calls for negotations between it and Sheridan's forces. But given past relations with this force, what is the real meaning of the rendezvous?

Chapter Five: Naught

Plans change drastically when Aireus detonates two nuclear missiles stored inside one underground Red Dragon base.

Chapter Six: Negotiations

In the aftermath of Aireus's death, Sheridan forges an alliance with the Phantoms, and plans are decided about what to do.

Chapter Seven: Trial and Air

Sheridan and his Phantom allies embark on perhaps their most difficult mission yet--capturing a Red Dragon superweapon intact!

Chapter Eight: Dragon's Fury

When the Red Dragon discovers the location of the Phantom's base, and begins searching the countryside for two legendary nuclear missiles to strike them with, it's a race against time as Sheridan and the Phantoms make a desperate attempt to stop them.

Chapter Nine: Wings of a Silver Phoenix

With two nuclear missiles soaring into the sky on their paths to destruction, all hopes fall on the shoulders of the battered Phoenix fleet as Nigel leads them on what may be their last mission....

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