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Tales of the Phoenix:

The Red Dragon

© 1999-2002 Strata Drake of TWZ.

Prologue (Revised)

The year is 2150. Forty-five years ago, the group of survivors known as the 'Project' had been waging war against hostile military forces guided by a computer parasite identifying itself as 'Nexus'. In a climactic showdown, the Project successfully eradicated the Nexus parasite from North America by destroying one of its mainframes. However, it was clear that Nexus may still exist elsewhere in the world.

An elite group of Project forces was sent into Europe to explore and rebuild. That group met heavy resistance at the hands of a second computer parasite, referred to as 'Dr. Boot' and having obvious affiliations with the Nexus program. Though the exact date of victory remains unknown, the Project's European forces ultimately emerged victorious over the hostile European fighters led by the Dr. Boot parasite.

Meanwhile, friendly contact with American scavenger clans was finally made peacefully in 2120. Focusing all efforts on trying to rebuild what was once one of the most powerful nations in the world, the scavengers became allies and compatriots of the Project.

With the help of scavenger clans, in the year 2130, the Project began a program of home reconstruction. Building the first civilian city since the Collapse took nearly twenty years, and now in 2150, the Project's new capital city has been christined with the name 'Renaissance' and a population of thirty thousand citizens.

But even so, though the atmosphere at home is tranquil, the second generation of Project warriors will soon be called to follow in their forefathers' steps, to take another bold step into the unknown and to attempt rebuilding the world from its lingering ashes.

Chapter One (Original / Revised)

It was a peaceful day in Renaissance -- until a refugee from Eurasia crashlands a stolen jet just outside the city gates with a desparate plea for help. What will the generals decide?

Chapter Two (Original / Revised)

After seven days packing, Commander Sheridan's forces play games while en route to Eurasia. They set up a base on one of the northern islands, begin exploring -- and the first things they find are mystery and danger.

Chapter Three: Lethal Games

After an intense, but ultimately victorious, skirmish against a super-unit codenamed the "Sea Dragon", Sheridan knows they should not remain at their present base for long. The decision is made to destroy the place themselves, hoping their enemy will assume their defeat. As they set up a new outpost on the Eurasian coast, how long can their ploy last?

Chapter Four: Enter The Sky Dragon

Sheridan's forces get no respite after a heated battle against another super-unit known only as the "Land Dragon". Headed straight their way is the Land Dragon's big brother, and who will emerge victorious?

Chapter Five: The Long Night

The merciless super-aircraft known as the "Sky Dragon" leaves few survivors among Sheridan's forces. Can they continue their mission alone, or is there anyone else they can ally with?

Chapter Six: Phoenix Rising

Sheridan spends a day in the life of a local scavenger clan as they perform a hit-and-run strike on an enemy oil outpost, looking for any weapon, any technology, that could help them level the odds against their powerful enemy.

Chapter Seven: David vs. Goliath

After recovering a key technology, Sheridan leads the scavenger forces in a seemingly suicidal assault against the largest enemy base in the sector.

Chapter Eight: The Rematch

A game of hide-and-seek ensues as the Sky Dragon appears, once again, to eliminate Sheridan's men and their allies.

Chapter Nine: The Showdown

Few weapons, no reinforcements, and one super-powerful enemy: Everything is on the line ads Sheridan and his friends make a last stand in their new home.

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