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FF7: The Pony's Tale

© 2004 Stratadrake/Draconus of TWZ

Foreword -- What Is FF7: The Pony's Tale?

It all started with a disturbing, yet somehow compelling idea proposed by my older sister. I don't remember what we were doing at the time -- I think she was surfing the 'Net looking at My Little Pony (MLP) Customs, and suddenly she came up with an ultimate incongruity: Sephiroth Custom MLP. The idea was so deep that I almost immediately drew up an idea of what a Sephiroth pony could look like, based upon his cameo appearance in Kingdom Hearts.

Not much long afterwards, sprouting from the idea of a Sephiroth pony came the idea of parodying the Final Fantasy VII storyline, using MLP's in place of the regular characters. Now these are not your standard MLP's like Firefly, Sundance, or Applejack; these are ponies based strictly upon their FF7 source material. Ponies named Cloud, Berett, Lockheart, Aeris, Vale, and so on.

Put away the doubts: This is not an MLP tale fit for young children and Saturday morning cartoons. This is a dark tale, where a conglomeration of evil Ponies are draining the Land of its very energy, where the only way to strike back is to fight with weapons and magic, and sometimes even kill things. This is a tale where stuff blows up and many innocent lives die in the process. In other words, MLP's or not, this is the tale of FF7.

- Stratadrake

Chapter One: A Preemptive Strike

Invaders from the Slumps attack and knock out two Rin Sha guards at the Eighth District Station. Towering in the distance is the District's Refractor generator, and tonight it is the top item on their hit list.
Second Revision, 4-19-2004

Chapter Two: The War Begins

The rebels, Snowslide, made it in without any trouble; but with the authorities alerted to their presence, getting out of the Refractor complex before their bomb detonates won't be nearly as easy....
Second Revision, 4-20-2004

Chapter Three: A Narrow Escape

Snowslide's plan to destroy the Eighth District Refractor succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Now, they have to find their way back home during the confusion, or get caught trying.
Second Revision, 4-26-2004

Chapter Four: Promises

Back safely in the Seventh District Slumps, Berett calls a meeting to discuss Snowslide's next strike against the Rin Sha. But Cloud wants no further business with the rag-tag rebels.
First Draft, 1-22-2004

Chapter Five: So Much For Plan A

Snowslide's next strike gets off to a rocky start as they are almost caught in a new Rin Sha security checkpoint. Setting sights on the Fifth District Refractor, they infiltrate the Refractor easily . . . too easily.
First Draft, 1-31-2004

Chapter Six: Aeris, The Flower Pony

After a potentially fatal fall from the Upper Fifth District down to its Slumps, Cloud recovers to find himself in the flower bed of a small church, and meets Aeris, the light red pony that he met briefly in the Eighth District.
First Draft, 2-04-2004

Chapter Seven: Seventh District In Danger

Rumors all over Sixth District claim that Snowslide is going to attack the Seventh District Pillar, and the loose-lipped Baron von Borneo is the one who started it. Will Cloud be able to rescue Lockheart from the Baron's manor and save the Seventh District?
First Draft, 2-08-2004

Chapter Eight: Resolve

Cloud, Berett, and Lockheart escape the destruction of the Seventh District, knowing only that the Rin Sha have taken Aeris hostage, claiming that she is one of the Ancient Ponies.
First Draft, 2-10-2004

Chapter Nine: Assault On Rin Sha HQ

Cloud doesn't want to start a scene until after finding Aeris, so instead of bursting through the front door to the Rin Sha HQ, they decide to climb the building's set of fire escape stairs. And climb, and climb . . . .
First Draft, 2-11-2004

Chapter Ten: The Board Meeting

Infiltrating through the executive floors of the Rin Sha HQ, Cloud, Lockheart, and Berett eavesdrop on a Rin Sha executive board meeting, learning about where Aeris is being held.
First Draft, 2-12-2004

Chapter Eleven: Some Rescue!

Cloud and co. confront a Rin Sha scientist named Kojo, rescue Aeris (and another research subject, whom Cloud nicknames Spike), and escape. Or do they?
First Draft, 2-12-2004

Chapter Twelve: Turning Point

After being captured by the Rin Sha and tossed into their prison hall, Cloud wakes up in the middle of the night to find their cells unlocked, the guards dead, and a dangerous research specimen broken loose from the lab. Could it be...?
First Draft, 2-13-2004

Chapter Thirteen: Escape From Midnight City

Forget the Rin Sha: Sephiroth seems to have returned, and a lot more than Midnight City is going to be at stake. Cloud, Aeris, Lockheart, Berett, and Spike must escape from the Rin Sha HQ and find some means to leave the City. But it won't be easy -- the Rin Sha's military forces have orders to stop them at any cost.
First Draft, 2-13-2004

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