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FF7: The Pony's Tale

© 2004 Stratadrake/Draconus of TWZ

Supplemental Gallery

This growing section is the place to look for images and sketches based upon the characters and events in FF7: The Pony's Tale. Click on each thumbnail to bring up its image.



If you look closely, you may notice that this uncombed pegasus is a Twinkle-Eye. Don't ask what his pony symbol is -- he doesn't have one.
Completed 2-2-2004


The hard-talking, fearless leader of the rebel group, Berett, complete with his concealable, leg-mounted cannon.
Completed 5-25-2004


FF7 veterans will be able to guess who this pony(?) is; he'll be introduced in a later chapter. His symbol is a heart, slashed and torn.
Completed 5-5-2004


Firefly F

The flagship pegasus of My Little Ponies, Firefly, now dressed in armor for battle.
Completed 3-30-2004

Firefly M

Firefly, rendered as if she were a guy (a fan request), with heavier armor. This version of Firefly makes a cameo appearance in a later chapter as one of the defending soldiers at a place called Phoenix Castle.
Completed 3-30-2004


Sephiroth KH

This version is inspired by the way Sephiroth appeared in Kingdom Hearts; his pony symbol is the Shinra logo. But I may rework him, based solely on his appearances in FF7.
Completed 1-4-2004