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Never Again

© 1999-2003 Draconus and Stratadrake of TWZ


As I look around, all I see is darkness. The sun no longer shines down upon us. Flakes of dust continue to fall from the clouds in the sky. It falls not like snow, but like the sands of an hourglass with us at the bottom. We are slowly being buried alive.

I look towards Adryn, our last, true friend, and all he can do is shake his head in response. Somehow I feel that he will outlive us and try to rebuild what has been lost. He wonders about it as much as I do; how could this have happened? How could our people have been so dumb, so blind, wandering down our path without realizing to what it led?

There is no changing the past -- but I keep asking myself, could we have prevented it from happening? I can remember it all as if it had happened yesterday . . .

-- James Sinclair, Cmdr. (final entry)

Chapter One: Thresholds

Meet James Sinclair, Cmdr., resigned from active duty to a "desk job" out in the middle of nowhere. Also meet Reed Alexander, Dr., whose latest experiments into robotics and cybernetics promises to break the limits of known AI and create a new class of robot. But will it work?

Chapter Two: Nostalgia

One week after the loss of the mighty General Adrius, HQ is demanding results from Reed, and Reed asks to try again. Lieutenant Xander is the subject this time. But will things work out this time, or will there be another body for the mortuary to collect?

Chapter Three: Those Once Lost

It was a dark and foggy night. No one suspected they would be hit so hard by a group of Raiders....

Chapter Four: Trials Of Combat

It's . . . alive? In a twist of events, Reed's first attempt at their "soldier of tomorrow" suddenly pays off. Meanwhile, Mark begins re-training James in the art of combat.

Chapter Five: The Phoenix, Mk 2

To what extent does their new meta-soldier resemble the old general Adrius? No one will ever know for sure but in the meantime, James decides they should name it after the old general. Now introducing . . . "Adrius Mk 2"!

Chapter Six: Andrake Is Born

Not long after the "rebirth" of an Adrius, and in the aftermath of a raid, Reed's second prototype comes on-line.

Chapter Seven: The Dogs Of War

Reed's moment of truth is upon him when General Bradley arrives to evaluate the results of his project. James and Mark, meanwhile, decide to inspect a shipment of their new prototype "kennel" units.

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