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Project: Cel-Shade Warzone 2100!

© 2001-2004 Stratadrake of TWZ


Is this some sort of sick anime joke? You decide. It started with a few experiments in earlier versions of Pie Slicer DX as a secret project. Maybe I had played too much Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker with its enjoyably cute, cartoony graphics, but I had begun pondering whether it is possible to accomplish cel-shading within the constrained engine of Warzone 2100. The answer, as experiments proved, is a tentative yes. True cel-shading involves a special lighting ramp, which cannot be performed in Warzone 2100, but cel-shading also involves simple-colored textures and cartoony black outlines surrounding the objects. These can be accomplished using the Warzone 2100, and Project: Cel-Shade WZ! is an experiment to that end.

Cel-Shaded Photo Gallery

This is a continuing photodocumentary of my work towards 'Project: Cel-Shade WZ!' . The screenshots in this gallery are ordered by their date of creation, and display the various stages the mod has gone through.

Cel-Shade WZ! Demo (Alpha 3-8)

If the screenshots don't convince you, then by all means load up this demo of this work-in-progress and judge for yourself! While the WDG is rather large, it can be run under standard v1.10, v1.11, and even v1.12 (7-1) of Warzone 2100! Note: You will find some bugs in it, they are being addressed.

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