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Warzone Campaign Five:
Central Europe
The Project vs. the European Dominion

As a continuation of his first saga, Imminent Storm continues to write this saga on the NEWST War Stories forum. With his experience in writing fast-paced WZ2100 fan fiction, each chapter commands a lot of respect from forum members. Here is a collection of links to each chapter in his second saga:

Chapter One: Preparing for the Storm
Chapter Two: Raging Thunder
Chapter Three: Team Thunder
Chapter Four: The Lair of the Beast
Chapter Five: Continuing Mystery
Chapter Six: The Ongoing Enigma
Chapter Seven: The Game Is Afoot
Chapter Eight: Thunder Rolls
Chapter Nine: Shattered Stalemate
Chapter Ten - A: The Dominion Strikes Back
Intermission: Revelations
Chapter Eleven: New Weapons, Same Enemies
Chapter Twelve: The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter Thirteen: The Storm Begins