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Central Europe

© 1999-2001 Imminent Storm of NEWST.

Chapter Three: Team Thunder

The Project has a habit of taking risks in sticky situations, and this is no different; the plan entails launching 6 volunteers in a modified Fenrir-payload delivery system into LEO for one orbit; re-entering the atmosphere, and trying to land near the silo site without dying or getting caught.

The 6 mission volunteers all had distinguished carrers with the Project:

Mission Leader, Colonel Richard D. Franke
A 6' man with short black hair; Richard became a part of the Project when he defected from the New Paradigm. During the first engagement between the Project and the new Paradigm, he was a worker in a Factory at the outpost when the first contact was made. Since then, he became a tank pilot and gained rank quickly as he helped fight against the New Paradigm, The Collective, and NEXUS. His skill as a vehicle pilot is matched by his skill with multiple firearms and battle tactics. He will be valuable should things get hot.

Captain Christopher J. Rogers
A bit shy and reclusive, not much is known about Chris from before he joined the Project. He joined the Project as a VTOL pilot during the fight against the Collective, and has since become one of the Project's best VTOL pilots. His skills would be absolutely necessary to successfully fly and land the capsule. He also is quite proficient with many pre-Collapse computer systems, and may be useful in disabling the silos.

Captain Lisa T. Fletcher
Lisa is a small, blue-eyed, red-haired woman in her mid twenties. With little to no combat training, she can't contribute much in a firefight. However, she is the leading expert on pre- and post- Collapse computer systems, and has worked on cracking many technology artifacts during the wars--she personally cracked the Pulse-Laser technology. In terms of all electronic sabotage of the base, she will be in charge.

Lieutenant 1st class Jim L. Rezna
As a short (only 5' 4") energetic man, Jim doesn't look like much of a fighter at first glance. However, when it comes to hand-to-hand and small-arms combat, he has no equal. Completely brain-dead when it comes to technology (or reality for that matter), he has been known to ignore nearby bullets and shell exlosions. It is doubtful if he really understands the danger and importance of this mission.

Lieutenant 1st class Sarah L. Wagner
Sarah is a tall, dark-haired woman who served both as tank pilot and researcher. With her knowlege of nuclear technology and her combat abilities, she is an obvious pick from the list of volunteeers.

Seargent 2nd Class Harry K. Armstrong
A man of medium build and height, with a burn scar on the right of his face; Harry is the team's explosives and demolitions expert. Should all attempts of electronic sabotage fail, destroying the base is the final option.

On the morning of Febuary 6th, 2103, they boarded Thunder 1 and prepared to lift off. When the Rocket roared into the air and faded from sight, all those at Project HQ were hoping that these young men and women would make it back safe.