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Central Europe

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Ch.Ten Intermission: Revelations

As teams at Delta base salvaged the wreckage for useful information, the reports from the research teams working on the Ultra-Cyborgs and the New Dawn computer systems were received at HQ. The computer system data from the New Dawn installation proved to be very interesting ideed.

The information seemed to be detailed data on a type of semi-intellegent AI that was patterned after human thought processes. Its design and function were incredibly similar to the N.I.P. The data found led to a completely new look at the N.I.P. and the feasibility of widespread combat drone use.

A summary of the report follows:

Advanced Actual Intellegence Computer Control Program

The data recovered at the New Dawn Facility (NDF) has revealed new information regarding the Nexus Intruder Program's (NIP) purpose and developement history.

Soon after Dr. Reed patented the synaptic link, the U.N., in an attempt to encourage openness and trust between nations, forced declassification of the technology. This led to breakthroughs in all areas of industry, military, and research worldwide. The next logical step was the complete mobility of a human mind accross large computer networks. This would involve the transfer of a human mind into an electronic data stream. This was researched by several independent scientists, including Dr. Reed and his Nexus project. The task proved more daunting than expected. Just before he was shut down, Dr. Reed made a breakthrough which would become the N.I.P.

It seems that Dr. Reed was in communication with the head scientist in the New Dawn organization; a man by the name of Dr. L. Boot. Many personal comm logs and e-mails between Dr. Reed and Dr. Boot were found dating from early 2081 all the way up to the Collapse. The chief subject of these was the transfer of human minds into 'cyberspace', or computer systems. Included in the documents of late 2084 and early 2085 were references to a 'Nexus Mission' and large code segments of what Dr. Reed called the 'Nexus Control Program'. This confirms that Dr. Reed and Dr. Boot were collaborating on the Nexus project.

During the battle with Nexus, research into the N.I.P. was a matter of survival. Once Nexus was beaten, it took a lot of effort by several brilliant researchers to convice HQ to continue research into it. Originally, it was believed that the sole purpose of the N.I.P. was to infiltrate and take control of computer systems as a way for Nexus to gain control. It was soon discovered that the N.I.P. was a tool used by Nexus to do just that, gaining access to external systems. The N.I.P. was actually pretty simple, consisting of 3 parts: the infiltration mechanism, the manipulation mechanism, and the result algorithm.

The first two are simple enough to understand. The Infitration Mechanism (IM) allows the program to slip in undetected. The Manipulation Mechanism (MM) unpacks the program and begins to rewrtie the basic software components of the system. The Result Algorithm (RA) is a set of instructions that tell the MM what to do. The exact ways in which the IM and MM work remain a mystery, but its uses did not. The Project researchers found out how to activate the N.I.P. once it had infected a system. They also found out how to replace the RA with a new set of instructions. This allowed them to perform almost any infilration task, and it was used to gain access to highly secure military databanks throughout North America. This gave the Project, in a matter of hours, terabytes of data regarding pre-Collapse history and military technology.

The data at the NDF uncovered another function of the N.I.P. It solved the data overload problem linked with transferring human minds into cyberspace. The human mind processes so much data simultaneosly that even the DNA-based computers of the 2080's could barely handle it. The N.I.P., in its RA, contained instructions for developing filters to only process needed mental functions when recieving commands from a digital human mind. The bulk of the mental functions would remain on a massive DNA computer that served as the center of brain activity. This not only allowed human systems to utilize existing systems, but it also allowed human systems to control multiple external systems at once. Thus, this would make widespread drone use by a single operator possible.

Secondary analysis of NDF files revealed the developement of the mental control filters used in the N.I.P. The program would make 'copies' of required thought patterns and amend them to the source mind via a network connection. Thus, this would create an 'extension' of the controller's mind that would govern any number of drones. This would allow the controller to almost literally be in more than one place at the same time. This was the key to the N.I.P. and to any mass drone use. However, serious psychological problems resulted from assigning too many drones to any one controller for extended periods of time.

This seems to have been the research goal of the New Dawn. It would allow them to build and use an overwhelming number of drones against larger armies. As far as we can tell, the New Dawn was a corporate-backed militaristic organization dedicated to forming a corporation-controlled state apart from the nations of France and Germany. Apart from their interest in high technology, we know very little about their agenda and modus operandi. There are several records regarding disagreements between Dr. Boot and the New Dawn's corporate heads. The exact nature of these disagreements is not known. Just weeks before the Collapse in 2085, Dr. Boot was removed from the New Dawn staff due to cited 'philosphical differences' with the corporate heads. Dr. Boot's replacement was a man named Dr. West, who Dr. Boot referred to as a 'spineless buffoon who could never equal me'. The last e-mail sent out by Dr. Boot from the New Dawn was addressed to Dr. Reed. It was very short; 'I am ready to begin operation Nexus'. This absolutely links Dr. Boot to the Collapse of 2085, and to the Nexus that appeared after it. This shocked many who thought that Dr. Reed was alone in his mad quest to conquer the world. However, the exact relationship that Dr. Boot may have to the European Dominion is purely speculative at this moment.

For more detailed information on the files extracted from the NDF, access the Project data archive under directory : NEX1029/H-NDfile.dir

End of report Summary.

The report on the Ultra Cyborg research project was very promising as a viable new weapon system. The Ultra-borgs were designed to be piloted much like a normal cyborg. A compartment in the torso section houses a 'slot' where the pilot is held stationary while plugged into the synaptic link. The 'borg then diverts all sensory and motor information into is own systems and back to the pilot. Apparently, they were to augment the New Dawn drone army.

The units recovered seemed to be non-battleworthy prototypes. However, with little effort, full battle units could be built. Their design follows tanks in that they are made from multiple interchanging components. The torso, arms, legs, dead, and mounted weapons could all be detached and replaced using universal connecting harpoints. Intact blueprint data on the production facility and numerous component types were found (details follow later). Power requirements and construction time are so great that only a few Ultra-Borg units can be built in enough time to support Delta base in its upcomming missions. Therefore a list and descriptions of all available components will now be submitted to HQ design team for review and design allocation:

Torso - The main section, or "heart", of the Ultra-borg. All other components are attached to it. It includes a power genorator to supply its components will power (output varies with torso). It also includes a thuster nozzle on the back to give additional speed and manuverability over short distances.


A large and bulky torso. High weight and power output. Slow speed, but great overall armor strength.


The antithesis of the Grizzly. Very light and fast; low resistance to thermal damage, but moderate protection from kinetic. Low power output restricts the size and type of other components.


Heavy thermal shielding with good kinetic armor, however considerably less than Grizzly. Medium wieght allows for faster speed than Grizzly. Highly efficient power plant works well with Gauss and Laser weapons.

Leg Sections - The leg motors require power from the torso to work. They attach to the waist hardpoint under the Torso.


Standard all-pupose humanoid leg type. Capable of mounting heavy weight components with little speed loss. Power consumption is a little high, and may restrict the type of other components. Armor is medium on kinetic and thermal.


Large, bulky, and heavily armored; they are the perfect counterpart to the Grizzly chassis. A lower maximum speed than the Alpha, but it can withstand any weight load with no speed loss. The power required is very prohbitive, making this option best for those Ultra-Borgs firing hardcast ammunition rather than energy-based weapons.


Light, fast, and highly maneuverable. Power drain is about the same as the Alpha. Massive armor reduction leaves the legs vunderable, but allows then to achieve speeds higher than any other unit. Does not perform well if loaded down by heavier-weight components.


Its reverse-jointed knees make it look odd, but are nonetheless very efficient. Slower speeds and less manuverability than the Raptor. However, it does have greater stability for the lighter designs. They make balance loss less likely with high recoil weapons or large blast impacts for the lower weight designs. Power drain and weight are a little less than Alpha.


A treaded option for the Ultra-borg. A tank-like tread design sacrifices all speed and maneuverability for sheer armor and power. Greater armor than the Mammoth, it is practically indestructable. It can support any weight load. Also, the Thunder comes with its own power supply, allowing the torso to divert more power to the other systems and allowing higher-drain weapons than otherwise possible.

Arm Sections - These attach to the two side hardpoints on the Torso, and require power to function:

XL-2/Standard Arms

Standard all-purpose arms. High strength and good armor; insignificant power drain.

XL-20/Light Arms

When wieght is an issue, the XL-20 is the answer. Thinner armor cuts down weight and gives faster movement than XL-2. Insignificant power drain.

XL-30/Heavy Arms

Heavier and well armored, but slower than XL-2 in movement. Slight power drain.

XLA-50/Missile Arms

Two heavy Anti-Armor missile launchers could be mounted in the place of arms. Weak armor, moderate power drain.

XLA-50/Gauss Arms

Two large Gauss Cannons could be mounted to the torso instead of arms. Weak armor, high power drain.

Headpieces - These house all the sensor packages and communications equipment. In short, it is the "brain" of an Ultra-Borg. Power usage is consistent on all types:


Includes all standard sensory functions. Good armor protection and medium weight makes this headpiece a well-balanced option.


All standard functions included, but has much thicker armor and is heavier than the Redeye making it ideal for close and intense combat situations.


All standard functions included. Low weight and armor. Also includes jamming functions, binocular vision, high resolution and zoom targeting cameras allow for high accuracies at very long range, hence its name.

Primary Weapons - These weapon systems are held in the hand(s) of the Ultra-borg, linked to the Ultra-Borg's systems through a hand-mounted data terminal. If the need arises, they can be "swapped" to another friendly Ultra-Borg during combat:

GR-01/Medium Gauss Rifle

Lightwieght with a good punch and firing 40 rounds per minute. Slight power drain.

G-22/Light Machine Gun

Very lightweight, with low damage and 100 rounds per minute. 76mm barrel; hardcast ammunition means no power drain.

G-49/Heavy Machine Gun

Heavier than G-22 with greater damage. 80 rounds per minute, 90mm barrel, hardcast ammunition.

G-60/Pulverizer Cannon

Handheld single-barrel 300mm cannon. Very heavy and creates a significant amount of recoil when fired. Extreme firepower, but a very limited supply of ammunition means that the pilot must make every shot count.


An enormous, muti-purpose laser weapon, capable of firing both beams and pulses. Extremely heavy, with a massive power drain when fired; it can only be used by the most power efficient and weight-managed designs. Massive firepower.

Secondary Weapons - Heavier weapons can only be mounted on the shoulders, and are folded back when not in use. Because they are affixed to the Ultra-Borg, they can be used only by their respective pilot and Ultra-Borg:

CGN-92/Rapid Fire Chain Gun

There is no better general-destruction weapon. Firing 200mm APFSDS rounds at 180 rounds per minute, it can quickly perforate any unit or structure. Its accuracy is around 80% at long range, and 87% at short range. Extreme recoil means than all humanoid-type legs must assume a crouched postion prior to firing.

CGN-2000/Big Bertha

The largest solid-round firing gun ever designed. Its incredibly long 500mm barrel makes it also one of the heaviest weapons available. It carries 15 rounds, and can load a new round every 12 senconds or so. It must also be fired from a crouched position.


Fires a pair of small guided missiles simultaneously. It is effective as both an anti-tank and as an anti-air weapon.


A larger, salvo variation of the Stinger; the Wasp fires 6 guided missiles simultaneously. However, it is much heavier and must use both shoulder hardpoints.

MP-21/Rocket Pod

A very lightweight option; it fires small, unguided armorpiercing rockets in rapid succesion.

LB-5/Medium Laser

Operates similarly to a standard Pulse Laser. Moderate wieght and power drain, with heavy firepower. Deadly when used against enemy cyborgs.

LB-20/Blast Laser

Comparable to the L-50/Blaster; it is big, heavy, and creates a large power drain; however, it delivers a similarly high firepower for its high price.

Ultra Cyborg report complete. Recommend immediate construction of Ultra-borg units and dispachment to Delta base.


* Images were taken from Armored Core 2: Project Phantasma, and are for visual reference only.
* The images displayed here have been enhanced from their original format for better clarity against this page background.