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Central Europe

© 1999-2001 Imminent Storm of NEWST.

Chapter One: Preparing for the Storm

Paris, France; January 1, 2103

In the last few months, when we liberated France from the European Dominion, things have been quiet along the front. During this time, we have built up a strong force of units and defences in preparation for an ED counterstrike, but we have seen nothing more than a few scout VTOLs and skirmish groups since we encircled their occupying army and forced them to withdraw from France. Back at home in North America, things have been busy as well. We managed to finally crack the NEXUS Link technology that was used to absorb our infected units. However, using a system that our former enemy had used so insidiously against us was giving command HQ some second thoughts. This moral dilemma would have to be settled soon, as our invasion preparations were almost complete. Satellite recon of enemy territory was getting easier, for Project HQ had been able to build a few primitive launch pads at the site of a pre-Collapse space center on the east coast of what was formerly Florida.

Getting new communications-, recon-, and laser- sattelites into orbit was not as easy as it sounds. In the battle with Nexus, we were forced to destroy most of the NASDA satellite network to prevent Nexus from using them on us. This filled Low-Earth-Orbit(LEO) space with millions of pieces of debris moving at 17,000mph. We learned this as the first few test satellites we sent up promptly went off-line and added to the space garbage. Fortunately for us, we found a critical piece of technology while investigating the remains of the Space Center.

What we found was a powerful ground-based radar capable of tracking objects in LEO as small as a marble. Coupled with a newfound high-powered ground to space laser system, we could shoot down large portions of space garbage before it could do more damage. In addition to these, we found a large store of information regarding pre-Collapse events.

The radar and laser system was originally developed in 2055 to clear space of debis for a new satellite system. It seems that an accident occured in 2022 between a test replacement shuttle for NASA and the International Space Station. The resulting catastrophe filled space with debris, causing wide-spread damage to communications and other satellites. For years, replacements and subsitutions had to be made at a frantic pace when one after another satellite went down. Then sometime in 2045, nearly all the commuincations satellites serving Europe went dead in the span of a week. The reliance on these systems caused a massive social and economic disruption throughout Europe, from which Europe never fully recovered. In 2050, the unrest caused by the economic crash of 2045 caused the NATO alliance to tear apart. Many Eurpoean countries elected new leaders to try to pull out of the crisis, but they began selling off millitary technology to the highest bidder, no matter who they were. This made nuclear and ICBM technology available to dictators of developing nations and terrorist groups who promptly began using them. In 2054 at a meeting of the top millitary officials in the US, a satellite-based Nuclear Defense System was proposed, classified TOP SECRET. In 2055, NASA developed the radar and laser systems we found, and began clearing space for a "new space communications system". In 2060, the first new com-sats were launched as nuclear terrorist attacks horrified the world. The milliatry thus commisioned Dr. Reed to devleop synaptic link technology for cyborgs. The cyborgs were shielded against radiation and general EMP, so that they could operate on a nuclear battlefield. In 2075, the NASDA system began with the building of ground control bases. With space cleared by 2080, launching of NASDA Nuke-Sats and Las-Sats began. In 2082-3, the NASDA system was complete and de-classifed. In 2085, during a routine system check, NASA detected odd signals comming from NASDA satellites and informed NASDA HQ. NASDA found itself unable to control its Nuke- and Las- Sats. And so the Collapse began.

So far, we managed to clear several orbital paths over Europe and now have active Recon-Sats and Las-Sats in the area. We have located many large European Dominion bases, and have a rough estimate of their strength. We estimate that they have anywhere from 1500-2000 tanks and armored vehicles. Their cyborg force cannot be determined. They also have at least 500 standard VTOLS and 50-60 more of some unidentified aircraft types. Their defense pattern suggests that they are expecting a large forward rush in the blitzkreig style. But, we have something different in mind this time. With our better reconnaissance, we can pinpoint key bases, and avoid fighting a large portion of their forces. This is our plan.

Then, on the morning of January 5, we got one hell of a shock. We finally understood why there had been no counterattack. Recon-sat Alpha-9 relayed images of what appeared to be underground missle silos. The IR images showed heat from the silos, as well as from the surrounding complexes. Heat means activity; activity means that the ED has got their hands on some long-range missles. They have been spending their time re-arming some pre-Collapse ICBMs, very likely armed with nukes. The response from HQ to this report was short.

"This is bad, very bad."