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Central Europe

© 1999-2001 Imminent Storm of NEWST.

Chapter One: Preparing for the Storm

We liberated France from the European Dominion, and things have been quiet along the front. We have built up a strong force of units and defences in preparation for an ED counterstrike....

Chapter Two: Raging Thunder

The only ways to neutralize an ICBM threat would be to either infiltrate their base, or attempt to shoot down the missles after they launch. We were forced to find a way to send a team that far into enemy territory without being detected. The mission would be named "Thunder"....

Chapter Three: Team Thunder

The Project has a habit of taking risks in sticky situations, and this is no different; the plan entails launching 6 volunteers into orbit, and trying to land near the silos without dying or getting caught....

Chapter Four: The Lair of the Beast

"Thunder, this is Control; This is last radio transmission until full radio silence. Good luck, and Godspeed." As the module hit the atmoshpere, the team became a shooting star in the European Sky....

Chapter Five: Continuing Mystery

In daylight, steel doors to what seemed to be an underground bunker could be examined in detail. They bore an insignia that did not match to any known organization....

Chapter Six: The Ongoing Enigma

Team Thunder slowly approached their target, and soon came to a large open clearing that occupied a small valley. Before them lay the missile base; a huge underground complex that covered at least 20 acres....

Chapter Seven: The Game Is Afoot

After about a half an hour or so, Team Thunder was now about 50 meters underground. Getting in was much easier than expected....

Chapter Eight: Thunder Rolls

Team Thunder hid in a maintenance tunnel that housed the various utilities running between the missile complex and the main complex. It was totally dark, but the "night vision" scopes on their helmets allowed them to see easily. Lisa asked the question that was on everyone's mind; "So, what's plan 'B'?"

Chapter Nine: Shattered Stalemate

The stalemate in Europe was now months long, and HQ was getting anxious. The longer they waited, the more likely the possibility of the ED launching a preemptive strike. The strategic commanders at HQ soon had a plan....

Chapter Ten: The Dominion Strikes Back

The European Dominion's retaliation was expected, but its method was entirely unexpected. Our new base gave us a foothold from which we could launch air strikes and transports; it had to be held at all costs.

Ch.Ten Intermission: Revelations

As teams at Delta base salvaged the wreckage for useful information, the reports from the research teams working on the Ultra-Cyborgs and the New Dawn computer systems were received at HQ. A summary of that report follows....

Chapter Eleven: New Weapons, Same Enemies

Recon-Sat photos of the enemy base identified a problem: there was no way that Project forces could land in any of the LZ's, for they were all heavily defended....

Chapter Twelve: The Calm Before The Storm

The enemy, now dispersed and disorganized, failed to do anything but kick up tons of dirt. However, they were getting closer and closer to the LZ and jeopordized the landing of the transports....

Chapter Thirteen: The Storm Begins

A transmission was received from a position in enemy territory; "So you are the ones who defeated Dr. Reed. I'm impressed...but don't let that go to your heads; I allowed you to go this far. You have no idea what you are dealing with...!"

Chapter Fourteen: The Tempest is Unleashed

Delta Commander was lost in thought. Just what the hell happened back there? How could the European Dominion have staged an ambush as massive as that with so many units detected? Where in the world did they come from...?

Chapter Fifteen: The Storm Returns

The European Dominion wasn't going to bother with fancy tactics this time; they were going to pound Delta Base from all sides until they broke the line. When the Poject took the area, they had attacked the weak ridge defenses of the former ED base; and it looked like the enemy was now going to try the same....

Chapter Fifteen Addenda: The New Warriors

Colonel Franke entered the Ultra Cyborg Factory and walked into the large open space called the "Hangar" where the Ultra-Borgs were stored for repair. Standing against the far back wall were two completed new Ultra-Borgs....

Chapter Sixteen: Hide and Seek

Delta Commander opened a general comm channel to all their Ultra Cyborgs. "We just received a message from one of our southern sector commanders. Several enemy Ultra Cyborgs have attacked and destroyed two forward bases, and have advanced into the southern sector of our defensive line. They were last observed near the former city of Chambéry...."

Chapter Seventeen: Clash of the Titans

Bird of Prey dodged another shot from his enemy on the rooftops. A second enemy U-Borg was chasing Bird of Prey through the streets, using Gauss weaponry. Rapier and Paladin were approaching fast to assist; Bird of Prey had to stay alive in the meantime....

Chapter Eighteen: The Gift

Paladin, now with virtually no way of defending himself, stood there shocked by the fortuitous event that saved him. The newcomer was in a very different machine, compared to his. Painted bright flaming red with black and yellow sections, it merged visually with the flames engulfing the street behind it; it appeared to be part of the flames, silhouetted against the background of gray buildings and black smoke....

Chapter Nineteen: The Plan

At 0900 next morning the, U-Borg factory was filled with activity as the damaged machines were repaired and the others were tweaked and refitted to match the pilots' latest requests. The Ultra-Borg facility manager saw the Commander enter the hangar and walked over to him and shook his hand. "So who is the pilot you've assigned to this beast?"

Chapter Twenty: The Battle

The enemy base was in mountainous terrain. There were only a few passable entrances, and only one suitable for a large attack force. All were heavily defended. This was not going to be easy.


As the main ground force advanced south towards the primary target, a voice came over the comm. "What the hell is THAT!?"

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