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Western Europe

© 1999-2000 Imminent Storm of NEWST.

Chapter Nine: Enemy Revealed

Finally, the sounds of gunfire and artillery impacts were gone from the city of Paris. The city was no more than a smoking crater when it was all over, but we had won a major victory. As operation Ice Breaker proceeded to Phase 2, we moved away from the city. A small FRA force remained to begin the cleanup as our main force proceeded to a forward base, identified only as Omikron/2 with orders to crush any and all resistance.

It wasn't easy, though. With enemy raiders making unending skirmishes along our flanks, the last thing in the world we needed was bad weather. But that is what we got. A heavy downpour of cold rain slowed our progress considerably. Through all that, we arrived early morning of september 30.

The base was a massive fortress of artillery and included every ground and air weapon in our own arsenal. The recent recon reports showed that the enemy was retreating along all advancing fronts. It wasn't long before the encircled enemies in the base began to surrender. The interrogation of the enemy soldiers yielded a wealth of information that had eluded us earlier in the campaign.

Fist and foremost was the availability of undamaged systems from the enemy's synaptic link equipment. This revealed a very disturbing and alarming secret. NEXUS, or rather a mutated form of the NEXUS intruder program, was present in their systems. This confirmed that NEXUS had indeed contacted forces outside of North America. As to whether or not NEXUS itself was present in Europe, that was not yet determined. Next, we managed to analyze the Dragon body completely and were now able to build them for ourselves. We also now had a name to give our enemy: The European Dominion. In addition, we received information on another group operating in mid- to southern Italy called the Ionian Dynasty.

We pushed foreward from the base as part of a massive attack to push the European Dominion out of France. We overwhelmed the remaining forces with sheer numbers, as we moved toward the France/Germany border. By October 10th, we made it to the objective positions that designated the French border. At last, we had time to stop and think about what has happened and what is to be done next, as we prepared to attack the main ED force that occupied the heart of Germany.