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Western Europe

© 1999-2000 Imminent Storm of NEWST.

Chapter Eight: Operation Ice Breaker

Well, we really had no choice but to trust HQ and defend our position as long as possible; so we decided to use the super cyborgs' maneuverability to our advantage. We launched several hit-and-fade attacks as the enemy approached our positions. We had really dug in overnight and had several static defenses in the area. Soon, the enemy entered sensor range and the artillery opened fire. Under the hail of fire, we attacked from multiple directions at once with full force, and we soon had the enemy surrounded. And as we fought on, "Operation Ice Breaker" commenced.

All along the front, there were many battle zones. Our forces tested the enemy's defenses and found the weakest points along the front. At the same time, HQ was pouring vast amounts of resources into building a large strike force. Now, during the unusually cold last night of September 21st, they had loaded up as many trasports as they could find, and had flown to several strategic points along the front. From those points, the strike forces would rush across the front line and head deep into enemy territory. The end goal was to have these forces link up at several locations and build forward bases, effectively surrounding and cutting off a large portion of the enemy's defense forces. From there, our current forces could strike forward to these bases. Then, our combined forces would push the enemy back all the way to the former France-Germany Border.

As we engaged the enemy, the transports of "Operation Ice Breaker" landed at their pre-defined locations. Sometime around noon, all "Operation Ice Breaker" forces had landed, and were ready to strike. We on the other hand were fighting for our lives north of Paris, completely unaware of what was about to happen.

When Ice Breaker really got going--at about 2pm--we had some idea as to what might be happening as the enemy force suddenly retreated. We chased them down with what units we had left, and caused them a whole load of grief. When we received no further attacks after about 4 hours, we finally thought we could breath easy for a while. Thats when we received a message from Madrid HQ. It contained the details of Operation Ice Breaker as well as attacking orders. We had one day to prepare before we were to proceed to an unspecified location. We wasted no time rebuilding. Our troops took the opportunity to rest, as repairs were made and replacements were built for our losses. For the first time in a while, things were looking up again for us. At least we hoped so.