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Western Europe

© 1999-2000 Imminent Storm of NEWST.

Chapter Seven: Intermission

As dusk approached on the 21st of September, the battle was still raging. With enemy reinforments coming, we had little time to come up with a plan to take out the enemy LZ. When the enemy bugged out, so did we in order to get our own repairs and replacements; we knew the enemy was doing the same. Ever since about a week ago, the flow of units and power from Europe HQ in Madrid had stopped with orders to hold ground. They told us that power and units were no longer available--they were needed somewhere else. This baffled and confused our commander, especially now that power and units would really help. We had a substantial store of power to work with, but the recent battles were putting a serious drain on our power plants, for oil is scarce around here. We already had scouts searching the city for any caches of oil that may be around, but no luck yet.

Our strike VTOLs returned around 20:00 reporting that the enemy VTOLs were all shot down. We were not that better off ourselves; with all but 3 VTOLs shot down, and those that retuned heavily damaged, VTOL support looked out of the picture for the next battle. Though our VTOL factories would work through the night, production would be slow due to the power constraints.

At about 2:00AM, our luck took a turn for the better. It seems that our scouts had located a large mass of oil on the west side of the city, and were transporting it to our bases A.S.A.P. Thus supplied, our power plants managed to fuel our factories to maximum capacity in no time. We managed to rebuild 75% of our losses by daybreak. Then, yet another unexpected twist happened.

Four friendly transports appeared in the southwest. When they landed, they dropped of 30 of the newest cyborgs: the super cyborgs. Larger and heavier than normal cybprgs, they could compete with tanks in weapons both payload and armor. The 4th transport dropped of various support vehicles such as repair units and trucks. They aslo carried some more cryptic orders. "Hold position at the city Paris; Operation Ice Breaker is about to commence." Operation Ice Breaker?! What did Madrid have planned?

With no time to speculate on what "Operation Ice Breaker" was, we accepted the super cyborgs gratefully and prepared for battle once again. It seems that the enemy was also back to 100% strength, and maybe a little more. On the 22nd of September, the battle resumed.