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Western Europe

© 1999-2000 Imminent Storm of NEWST.

Chapter Five: Preparations

With the city of Paris divided in half by our forces, we had the advantage. Soon, we had cleared out most of the central city and were now working our way out from the center. The first of our new Wyvern units reached our base--where the former enemy command center was--on the 15th. Analyses of the enemy's systems revealed no traces of NEXUS, but we knew that NEXUS had a way of hiding itself. The other information we found was a gold mine of secrets.

First off, we found basic blueprints for both the Wyvern and Dragon bodies--this allowed us to begin to make sense of the Dragon body fragments we had. So far, we had identified several impact-absorbing synthetic composites and heat resistant ceramics that were of unknown composition. Also, key information on the relative strength and position of units within the city and nearby areas was found. We were, however, unable to locate any data on the new weapons the enemy had; including new powerful flame weapons dubbed the Plasmite flamer, the Incendiary Howitzer, and the Incendiary Mortar. The incendiary artillery alone had been a menace during, and after, our capture of the command center.

Alarming news came on the 20th. Enemy tansports had landed a large group of reinforcements about 15 to 20 miles north of the city. HQ decided to send a few retaliation VTOLs to scout and harrass the enemy reinforcements, while a large force of FRA tanks and VTOLs prepared to intercept them. The VTOLs perpared to do a dive attack on the enemy to determine strength and numbers while attempting to avoid anit-aircaft fire. The VTOLS approached at an altitude of 6000ft then dove rapidly towards the enemy. The first three armed with scourge unloaded on the lead tank--a Wyvern tracked unit--causing substantial damage. The next three mounting pulse lasers finished it off and all quickly climbed back into the clouds with SAMs trailing them. New countermeasure technology acquired from the FRA managed to spoof two SAMs. The third SAM found its target and one of our VTOLs went down. The remaining ones bugged out and sent the recon info back to HQ. 20 Dragon tracked tanks, 10 with Guass Cannon, 5 with Scourge, and 5 with Pulse Laser. 30 Wyvern tacked units, 10 with pulse laser, 10 with Scourge, 5 mounting Vindicator SAMs, 5 mounting the new Plasmite Flamer. 20 Vengance hover units, 10 mounting Guass Cannon, 10 with Scourge.

As our forces gathered at the FRA base, we perpared for a massive battle. Most of the enemy units had been cleared out of the city; only a few command posts remained, and several pockets of resistance continued to fight. So, we threw as many resources as possible into our preparations. We knew we had to hit them hard and fast, or we would be toast. As dawn arrived on the 21st of September, a truly awesome battle was about to begin.