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Western Europe

© 1999-2000 Imminent Storm of NEWST.

Chapter Ten: The European Dominion

The European Dominion was unlike any enemy we had faced so far; The New Paradigm and The Collective were only the puppets of the larger force of NEXUS. NEXUS was advanced, but not very large in terms of its direct influence. The ED was different--it directly controlled vast territories. But the fact that there were traces of NEXUS in the ED was alarming to an extreme.

So far we had identified several possible senarios for what had happened up to now. We knew the basics. In 2085, at the hands of NEXUS or rather DR. Reed, civilization disappeared under balls of fire that shone brighter and burned hotter than the sun. In the years afterward, many militant groups popped up trying to take control of the devastated world. NEXUS used these groups by infecting them with a computer parasite that allowed NEXUS to take control of these forces at will. Once the Project entered the world scene and defeated the New Paradigm, NEXUS saw us as a threat. At some point after NEXUS gained control of the Uplinks to the NASDA satellites, it must have gained control of the communications satellites as well. NEXUS must have used this method to begin to infest areas outside North America. The European Dominion was one of the ones infested. It is reasonable to believe that others were as well on other parts of the Earth.

Now as for what happened next, we are still unsure of. Right before we defeated NEXUS in North America it must have realized that it was about to lose. What we don't know is if NEXUS managed to transfer its consciousness to Europe--or somewhere else--before we switched him permanently off-line. If he did, that would present a MAJOR threat to us and the world. However, we don't beleive that NEXUS was able to fully transfer himself before he went down. But the threat is still there.

Since we were not greeted with the usual threats and disembodied digital head that usually clues you in to NEXUS's presence, We don't feel that NEXUS has taken over the ED. The presence of the intruder program in the ED's systems offers an opportunity, as well as a threat. It is a threat in that our own system may become re-infected with the program. The opportunuty that this presents is like this: If we can adopt the same technology that NEXUS used to absorb our units and use it to activate the intruder program in the ED's units, we can absorb the enemy's units and use them as our own.

For now things have fallen quiet along the border and we are using the time to build up and prepare. Its just a matter of time before we attack or get attacked. But whatever happens in the months to come, we must come out victorious.

But that, my friend, is another story.