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Warzone Campaign Four:

Western Europe

Western Europe is not only Imminent Storm's first saga, but it is also the first major saga written in the NEWST forums. Imminent Storm also posted many of these chapters on the Strategy X Treme forums before their unfortunate disappearance in November '99.

These "online editions" are the pure, unedited originals of Imminent Storm's first saga. If you would like to read them, use the links below:

Chapter One: April, 2102
Chapter Two: August 21, 2102
Chapter Three: Enter the FRA
Chapter Four: To Know The Enemy
Chapter Five: Preparations
Chapter Six: Battle
Chapter Seven: Intermission
Chapter Eight: Operation Ice Breaker
Chapter Nine: Enemy Revealed
Chapter Ten: The European Dominion

* Side Note: These chapter titles do not exist in Imminent Storm's original copy; I added them to help refer to each one on this site.