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Dragon Storm

Following in the traditions of previous stories, every chapter of Dragon Storm is also posted on the NEWST War Stories forum. People might ask exactly what is the relationship between Warzone 2100 and Dragon Storm, but that answer is immaterial. If you would like to read the story the way it was originally written, check out these links:


Chapter One: Letters From Home And Afar
Chapter Two: A Friend In The Rough
Chapter Three: Foreshadows Of The Past
Chapter Four: The Avalanche Has Started
Chapter Five: The Discovery
Chapter Six: The Seige Of Lancaster
Chapter Seven: On The Trail
Chapter Eight: Mission Accomplished
Chapter Nine: The End Of The Beginning
Chapter Ten: Like Father, Like Son
Chapter Eleven: And Its Name Was Andrake
Chapter Twelve: A Date With Destiny
Chapter Thirteen: The Keys Of Legend
Chapter Fourteen: And So It Begins