Andromeda Slash

Okay, you know the scoop.  Read the warnings, read the store, compliment the writers, and send flames only to hell.  Enjoy.


Cycles: Dealing-sick, cynical Harper.  Translation-the usual Harper.  Harper/Tyr-ish, I think.  Don't call me on it.


Avaliable-Smut, sex, frustrated Harper, gorgerous Tyr.  What could be better?


Strangers-Violence, angst, Harper torture, Tyr torture, self-sacrafice, er...good read.  Harper/Tyr-ish.

 The Tenth Muse

Cute and Cuddley - Harper has trouble getting past Dylan's protective streak. Then someone makes Harper an offer he can't refuse and Dylan realizes Harper is indispensable to more than just Andromeda.


Shanghaied!-NC-17; Harper/other, Harper/Dylan.  SUMMARY: The rescued AI fleet needs repairs and a vacation. And Harper. So they steal him..

Converge-NC-17; Harper/Dylan.  SUMMARY: When Dylanís trapped in a virtual world, itís up to Harper to get him out and off.

In the Falling Away-NC-17; Harper/Dylan, Harper/other.  SUMMARY: A slipstream accident sends Dylan and Harper to Tarn-Vedra 300 years ago. Things get more complicated from there.

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