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Salvation Instructions FOR those IN the Tribulation !!

SALVATION FOR THOSE IN THE TRIBULATION! Today is May 5th, 2007. I am making this webpage out of a sincere loving conviction to proclaim this ETERNALLY CRUTIAL LOVING WARNING to those who are reading this now, and are IN the Tribulation. ************************************************************************************************************** But FIRST: As of this moment as I'm writing this, we are NOT in the Tribulation, but what is called the age of Grace. In THIS age Salvation is a FREE gift of Love from God through his Son Jesus Christ. ************************************************************************************************************** If you want to be saved RIGHT now, you can instantly and NEVER loose your salvation. It's an act of faith. Just believe. =) ************************************************************************************************************** When you die you will be in heaven with the Lord forever! This is THE single most important decision you will ever make. Don't put it off because if you die rejecting CHrist it's too late... BUT you are reading this while we are still IN the age of Grace, then it's NOT too late! =) ************************************************************************************************************** "Prayer For Eternal Salvation You can be saved now! If you died 3 seconds after saying this prayer, you will be with The Lord Jesus for all eternity! ************************************************************************************************************** Pray something like this To God, and mean it and believe it with all your heart. ************************************************************************************************************** "Dear Heavenly Father, I confess that I'm a sinner. I need you, and I know that nothing I can do can earn a place in Your Heaven. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Know the Lord Jesus is your Son, and I believe that You sent Him to die to pay the price for my sins. I believe that he was buried and rose again the third day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Come into my heart Lord Jesus, forgive me of my sins. I trust you as My Saviour. I know you are the Only way, the truth , and the life. Thank you for this precious gift! Amen." ************************************************************************************************************** That's it! You're saved now and forever! ************************************************************************************************************** Romans 10 vs 9 *** That if shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." ************************************************************************************************************** Romans 10 vs 13 *** "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, (Jesus) Shall be saved." ************************************************************************************************************** You'll never loose your Salvation: ************************************************************************************************************** John 10 vs 28 *** "I GIVE unto them Eternal life, and they shall NEVER Perish." ************************************************************************************************************** Also for a better and simple understanding, go here for scriptures that will help and guide and reassure you. (Which is also the second clickable link below.) ************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************** Ok, now if you are reading this in the Tribulation period you will know that you are IN this period. Some super extra ordinary things will have happend. ************************************************************************************************************** The first sign is that the current believers in Christ in this age of Grace will be Raptured. Jesus will come in the "twinkling of an eye" to take those who believe in and trust him for their salvation up with him in heaven. (7 years later He returns to rule the earth) This seven year period is the Tribulation. No person who trusts Christ as saviour NOW, in this age of Grace, will have to go through the Tribulation. ************************************************************************************************************** The entire world will experience an instant absence of MILLIONS of people! Chaos will instantly devestate the entire earth. ************************************************************************************************************** The world will be ruled by one man will step unto the scene who seems to be a great man of peace at first, but is driven by Satan. (everything is culminating NOW as I write this toward this one world government and one world "religion" he will be head of.) He will deceive many! Don't be deceived! ************************************************************************************************************** This man will proclaim himself God 3 and a half years after he makes himself known.. He is NOT a god! He will lie and deceive with magical power and many will believe him. DON'T! ************************************************************************************************************** (It is my personal opinion, I'm not sure but it makes perfect sense to me that the people who are left behind when the rapture happens, that these people will believe that the mass absence of millions of people will be because of the Alien/UFO phenomenon that is going on. I believe this stuff is real, but these "Aliens" and people who say they comunicate with "enlightened beings" are actually demons who follow Satan. ************************************************************************************************************** The man of "Peace" who reveals himself after the Rapture is the "Beast", the "antichrist". I'm just convinced of that. Satan is called in the Bible "The Father of Lies". He is also called Lord of those that Fly or flit. That is no coincidence in light of the UFO phenomenon. I feel this is the excuse this anti-christ will use to "explain" the absence of the Raptured believers, that we were "abducted" for a "reason". ************************************************************************************************************** I think he will be saying this is the "Age of enlightenment". It is the great deception!!! Do NOT believe him! Do not receive the mark of this anti-christ on you head or hand! Even if it means death. It's the only way to be saved eterenally! Only Jesus Christ is LORD!) ************************************************************************************************************** Anyway, TO BE SAVED IF YOU ARE IN THIS GREAT TIME OF TROUBLE, THE TRIBULATION (which the first 3 and a half years will "seem" peaceful But then get horrid) Go to the first link below to know how to be saved!!! It's the only way! Please, take this seriously and warn those you love! There is no second chance if you don't do this in the Tribulation. GOTO FIRST LINK BELOW FOR TRIBULATION SALVATION!!!! ************************************************************************************************************** If you are reading this Pre-Tribulation, here is the link (3rd clickable link below) for information on the evidence of end-time prophecy being fullfilled NOW. The clock is ticking! Please read..! ************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************** SALVATION FOR THOSE IN THE TRIBULATION! **************************************************************************************************************

Saved and Sure!
Prophecy being fullfilled now for the Return Of Jesus!!!


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