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Alex's John Smoltz Page

Thank you for visiting my John Smoltz page. I hope you enjoy this tribute to the best closer on the major leagues as much as I do. I originally became a John Smoltz fan back in 1998 when I moved to Atlanta and started to watch the Braves' games and since then Smoltz has been one of my favorite pitchers in all of baseball. Either as a starter or a closer Smoltz is dominant on the mound and loves to compete, he is one of the greatest competitors i've ever seen. I admire John for all that he has done for the city of Atlanta and the Braves' organization. I hope I can meet him one day and have his autograph. I have two things to say: Let's get that world series ring!!!!!!!!! & LET'S GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please come back and visit again soon! ~~~~check out AOL for more Smoltz pages~~~~
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