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It is dark. So dark. You look around you, but are unable to see a thing due to the pitch black around you. You are blind, unable to see a thing. You stick out your hands but touch nothing. You wonder where you are, how you got there and if you will ever see light again. Already light seems to be unfamiliar. You stare into the darkness and try to recall things as you once knew them. As you stare, you think you begin to see a swirl of an even darker shade of black but you tell yourself that it's just the dark playing tricks on you. You believe that the swirl of complete darkness is begining to form into something that resembles a creature. Then with quaking eyes you see some bright white eyes. The eyes seem to be on fire and they are so bright that you start to squint. Then you hear a laugh, it's a deep laugh, and evil laugh.
"hahaha, foolish mortal, you have stumbled upon my domain and in doing so sealed your fate!" The voice you hear is deep and comanceing. A wild like fear grips your heart. "Hahaha, I can sense your fear. And you are right to be scared, since now you are mine! And you shall remain here for all eturnity! muhahaha! Muhahaha! MUHAHAHAHA!" The dark shadow moves closer, you want to run but your legs won't move. A dark hand of the shadow reaches out and grabs your arm. It is cold, clamy and stong yet seems to be just darkness. "Come. Deeper into my domain is where your fate is." You try to resist but the hold on you is too strong. You have no choice but to follow...