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Kenya Airways (KQ)

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Kenya Airways

Photo Gallery of Kenya Airways then and now:

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Boeing 787, 5Y-KBZ c/n 36041/204

Kenya Airways is the national airline of Kenya.The carrier is based at Jomo Kenyatta International
Airport, Nairobi, and operates an extensive network of regional services within Kenya and Africa as
well as flights to Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The company was founded in 1977, after the dis-
solution of East African Airways.

The airline was wholly owned by the Government of Kenya until 1995, and it was privatised in 1996,
becoming the first African flag carrier in successfully doing so. Kenya Airways is currenly a public-
private partnership. The largest shareholder is the Government of Kenya (29%), followed by KLM,
which has a 26 % stake in the company. The rest of the shares are held by private owners; shares are
traded in the Nairobi Stock Exchange, the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange and the Uganda Securities

Kenya Airways became a member of SkyTeam in Jun-2010.

Initial fleet:
DC-9-32 and Fokker F-27-200

Several aircrats were secured from the earlier carrier's liquidation, a DC-9-32 5Y-BBR and three
Fokker F27-200s and theese were immediatly put on domestic and regional routes.

The first aircraft in Kenya Airways fleet was, ex 5X-UVY of East African Airways, the McDonnell Douglas DC9-32,
5Y-BBR c/n 47478 here seen at Zurich Int. Airport 1977 after re-painting into Kenya Airways new livery.
Photo: Rolf Wallner, Airliners Net

Fokker F27-200, 5Y-BBS c/n 10213 at Mombasa Moi Int. Airport (MBA), Kenya 1982.
Photo: Rolf Wallner, Airliners.Net

In 1978 two Boeing 707-321s, 5H-BBI and 5H-BBJ were lesed from British Midland Airways for
long haul routes and later the same year a Boeing 720-047, 5Y-BBX was included in the fleet.

Boeing 707-351, 5Y-BBJ c/n 19633 at Frankfurt am Main Int. Airpot (FRA, Germany 1986.
Photo:Tony Edlind collection.

Boeing 720-047B, 5Y-BBX c/n 18588 at Nairobi Int. Airport (NBO), Kenya, 1989.
Photo: Chris Doggett

In 1980 new destinations incl. Athens, Rome and Zurich were added to the European services.The
airline also began operations in Tanzania.

Airbus A310-304, 5Y-BEL c/n 416 at London Heathrow Int. Airport (LHR), 2001.
Photo: Tim Rees, Airliners.Net

In 1985 the European routes were operated four times a week. This was also the first step of fleet
modernization programme when the carrier leased an Airbus A-310-200 5Y-BEL from Condor of
Germany followed by two more A310s 5Y-BEN and 5Y-BFT that begun the withdrawel of the
Boeing 707s.

Fokker 50 5Y-BHK c/n 20203 at Zanzibar Int. Airport, (ZNZ)Tanzania.
Photo: Richard Vandervord, Airliners.Net

In early 1988, the carrier ordered two Fokker 50s aimed at operating domestic routes, the airline
received the first of these aircraft at the end of the year.

Boeing 737-266 5Y-BHW c/n 2196 at Mombasa Int. Airport, (MBA)Kenya. November 1995.
Photo: Tony Edlind, Airliners.Net

By the end of 1991, two Boeing 737-266s, 5H-BHV and 5Y-BHW were leased from Guiness Peat
Aviation to operate domestic and regional routes.

Douglas DC-8-71, EI-BZU c/n 45994 at London Heathrow 1990
Photo: emdjy42/Tony Edlind collection

Boeing 757-23A, 5Y-BGI c/n 24566 at London Heathrow Int. Airport (LHR),1990.
Photo: Richard Vandervord Airliners.Net

The first Boeing 757-200, 5Y-BGI "Jamhuri Star" arrived in January to operate on the airline┤s long
haul routes. The aircraft was leased from Ansett Worldwide. In 1995 the lease of the lone Boeing 757
was canceled after the airline determinated its needs could be met without the jet.

Boeing 767-2YO/ER, 5Y-KQW c/n 26207 at Schiphol-Amsterdam Int. Airport (AMS) 2006.
Photo: Tony Edlind collection.

In 1995 Kenya Airways began looking for a large airline partners to acquire 40 percent of the air-
line due to the difficult relationship between the partner Swissair, who was the first hired partner
to provide privatization advise. Partial privatization was the realized in 1996 when the Dutch car-
rier KLM was chosen and agreed to purchase 26 percent of the airline for US$ 26 million. Another
34 percent of the airline was offered on the Kenyan stock excange and 14 percent was offered to for-
eign investors, while 3 percent would be withheld for employee stock-option plans. This turn from a
goverment owned airline to the privatization made that the carrier reoprted a profit of US $ 24.5
million for its fiscal year, which ended on March 30 1996.

This also led to the continuation of the upgrading of the fleet. Three new Boeing 737-308s were or-
derd and the first 737, 5Y-KQA arrived April 1997, followed by 5Y-KQB, 5Y-KQC and 5Y-KQD.

Boeing 737-306, 5Y-KQA c/n 2846 at Entebbe Int. Airport (EBB), Uganda.
Photo: Peter Duckworth, Airliners Net.

The next step was to order Boeing 737-700/800s with extended winglets. The carrier also ordered
new giants the Boeing 777-208s for its long haul routes with the delivery of 5Y-KQU on May 21 2004.

Boeing 777-306, 5Y-KQU c/n 44681 at London Heathrow Int. Airport (LHR), UK.
Photo: Martin Edward, Jetphotos Net.

The latest aircrafts to join the Kenya Airways fleet are the stare of the art Embraer ERJ 170STD/
ERJ-190 AR with the ERJ-190 5Y-KYP followed by the ERJ-170s during 2012.

Embraer EMB-1706, 5Y-KYJ c/n 17000128 at Nairobi Int. Airport (NBO), Kenya 2009.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Boeing 777-208/ER, 5Y-KQT c/n 33682/514 landing at London Heathrow Int. Airport (LHR), 2012.
Photo: Tony Edlind

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