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Aeris' Profile

Aeris' Profile

Aeris' Profile

Full name: Aeris Gainsborough
Age: 22
Occupation: Flower Seller
Height: 5'4"
Birthdate: February 7
Birthplace: Icicle Inn
Blood type: O
Mother: Ifalna Gast (Stepmother Elmyra Gainsborough)
Father: Professor Faremis Gast
Step mother's occupation: Unemployed
Mother's occupation: Unemployed
Father's occupation: Scientist, ex-Shinra scientist
Weapon: Rod

Aeris' Good Points

1) She can heal with her limit breaks
2) She's got a cute, innocent personality
3) She's caring
4) She's beautiful
5) She pretty much saved the world

Aeris' Bad Points

1) She kinda stole Cloud from Tifa when she knew Tifa liked him

Aeris' History

Aeris is a pretty mysterious character. When you first meet her, she seems like a normal girl. A little young for her years, she's just the naive, cute flower seller that goes to church.
But then you're introduced to her past - and her race.

Thirty years ago, Professor Gast was leader of the Jenova Project, his intentions were to reproduce the extinct race of the Cetra. But then that went to hell so some time eight years after he met, fell in love with, and married a Cetran woman. Yes, there was a survivor. Ifalna, his wife, was the last of her kind.
The two were on the run from Hojo, who wanted to do experiments on Ifalna (like I said, Sephiroth didn't quite work).
Gast, although he'd given up on the Jenova Project, still researched the Cetra, however. He interviewed his wife and recorded the interviews on tape. They soon had a beautiful baby girl (whom they loved very much) they called her Aeris.

Hojo found them, however. Aeris was just a baby when Hojo burst in on their home. Ifalna begged him to just take her, but Hojo insisted on taking both her and the baby. He had his guards kill Gast, and kidnapped Ifalna and baby Aeris.
Ifalna and Aeris were kept for a while and they were tested and treated like specimens. They were specimens.

Then, one day, they escaped. Ifalna and young Aeries (seven or younger, I'm not sure) ran away from Hojo.
They made it to Midgar. A war had just finished at the time, and a woman called Elmyra went to the station every day to meet her husband, who'd been fighting in it. One day, she saw a wounded woman lying on the pavement with her weeping seven - year - old sitting over her. Obviously, being on the run had made her weak. Ifalna saw Elmyra, and used her last ounce of strength to say:
"Please take Aeris to a safe place."
Elmyra did so, and raised Aeris as her own. Aeris even grew to call her "mom".

Elmyra always noticed something odd about the girl, though. Aeris sometimes spoke to people in her head. She tried not to do it in front of Elmyra, so Elmyra didn't say anything.
One day, shortly after she had taken Aeris in, Aeris asked Elmyra not to cry, but someone very dear to her has died. She said he'd been on his way to see Elmyra, but he'd already returned to the planet.
Aeris was just a child, so Elmyra ignored her at the time, but about a fortnight later, she got a letter saying her husband had died in the war.

Aeris had been on the run from Shinra all her life. She did, however, go out with a boy from Soldier. Zack. He died a little after Sephiroth went crazy. Aeris then met Cloud, and liked him a little because he looked like Zack, but she was also interested in Cloud himself.

And we all know what happened after that... Aeris was killed by Sephiroth while she was praying for Holy. She did it just in time, though. Sephiroth didn't stop her in time, and Holy came to save the planet. *sniff* But Aeris was such a sweet person...*

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