If you're an anime fan, you've seen them. ANd they look so cute in anime. But let me tell you, those things are fucking evil. Here I will disclose the evil of *dun nun na na*... The Uniform!

The Kilt
It's not short and blue and cute. It's knee length, itchy, and a hideous green plaid. Atleast, mine is.
And you know how in Anime, you'll see a girl standing in a pleated skirt, and then "Oh! The wind!" Skirt flies up, panties show. That happens. Trust me, if you've ever been outside in a kilt on a windy day, it happens. Your skirt will fly up, and you can't push it down. Those things are made with so much fabric. That's why the majority of girls in kilts tend to wear boxers or spandex.
You know why Scotsmen wear kilts? Gives them better access to the sheep.

The Shirt and Tie
Yes, I know they look cool. But if it's a uniform, it's not pretty. It's not fitted and funky, it's straight, white, and boring; and you have to tuck it in. All the buttons have to be done up- the ones on the collar, the sleeves, the neck, you name it-, and the tie has to be at your neck.
And that HURTS. They're trying to strangle you. It's like a noose, I swear.

The Socks and Tights
Socks fall down, and tights snag. Tights tend to look really good with plaid skirts, in my opinion, but all five pairs I had snagged on the desk and got runs.
And there isn't much of a gap between the kilt and socks for you to show off your pretty legs. I'm constantly being reminded to pull up the damn things. I usually just tend to say "It's not my fault I'm six feet," and walk away.

The Blazer
It's hot, restricting, and it's got shoulder pads.

The Shoes
Black, no boots, no more than two inches. The only thing my feet fit into is CAT boots, so I managed to find some that looked like Doc Martins, but they weigh about five pounds. Each. I wear them with blue flame shoelaces, which for some reason, I haven't gotten in trouble for yet.

No Individuality
This isn't The Craft. You can't wear what ever you want, as long as it's in school colours. Uniform, and only uniform.
The uniform doesn't give you much flexibility. I use shoelaces, black hair, and a purse with a rainbow strap.
There's also Mufti Day about once a month, where you can wear your own stuff. It's rather pointless, tho, because almost everyone dresses the same anyway.

No, wearing a uniform is not fun. I can attest to that.