I was sitting on the bus today when I came to a conclusion about why I hate most of the stuff that I do: I hear too damn much about it.
I thought back on Math class today, when Lyndsey Wallis kept going on and on-"Dude! I am so totally stoked for when Avril comes! That concert's gonna so totally rock!"
The first thought that came to my mind was Ugh. Considering how fucked up my school is, and how the preps and the 'punks' get along, Lyndsey Wallis' Avril worshipping is the focus of many classes. And, because Avril is popular, everyone's willing to listen to her.
The point is, I'm sick of Avril, and I'm sick of Lyndsey. I didn't realize how much I loved her vacation in Mazatlan until she got back and I was subjected to her Avril obsession on a daily basis again.
All those things that everyone in school loves, I hate- all because it's all they talk about. Hearing the same stupid Rap music in Gym every day, -Gym is a republic, we listen to what the popular kids put in the CD player- watching Brittany Santos act like an airhead everyday, it just drives me insane. Because something's popular, it's talked about, and I get so incredibly sick of it. Everyone's obsessed with the same damn thing, everyone's the same. There's always stupid people talking about stupid things, and I'd like to smack them.
My school magazine, -which I'm on, even though it's disgustingly devoted to pop culture- is based in the english room. Whenever I walk into english, I'm forced to look at a wall of Avril, Blink, and Spongebob. I'd love to ask Mr. Warriner if I could stick a picture of Mana or Kyo up there, but I don't, because I know that know one cares about the stuff I care about, and because they don't, it's not important. They'd roll their eyes and ask me why I always have to be a rebel.- their terminology, not mine.
And yes, that would give me some satisfaction. But it would put me back a million steps. I'm finally getting along with people, even though they still think I'm a freak. For now, I just hold in my frustration, and put on angry music during breaks to relieve it. And yes, it helps.
I'm still sick of pop culture.