Again, if you're American, you probably don't know who Prozzak is. Prozzak was popular in Canada around the techno-pop wave that brought Aqua, Vengaboys, and the Boomtang Boys.
Prozzak is incredibly gimmicky, and that's probably why I loved them. Simply put, they were cartoons, voiced by two members of The Philosopher Kings, a semi-one hit wonder band. It was made up of Simon and Milo, and had sort of a story behind it.
Story:Simon is always falling in love and getting his heart broken, and then singing about it. Milo has all the chicks he needs, but is a bit too obsessed with Simon to care.
Atleast, that's my observation.
All the vocals were sung in a whiney imitation english accent.
My Prozzak obsession happened during Grade Seven. I went to the concert with my Dad, Kevin, Kevin's friend Sam, and Hillary. We brought signs and jumped up and down. I bought a shirt.