You and I
Guns in our hands
Two children of warfare
Two innocents alone
You and I,
feet buried in the sand
standing hand in hand
our weapons all we need
it's like a black and white movie
we can be together
we can shoot forever
don't you wish you were us?
We're living in a world
Of monochrome carnage
You and I
Stained designer clothing
Two lovebirds unknowing
or knowing but ignoring
You and I
Seeing what we've done
Our world comes undone
Fantasia is an ancient film
it was a black and white movie
everything's the same shade
where is the blood?
Don't we wish we weren't us?
Dying in a world
Of Monochrome Carnage

I wrote this after my friend Naomi and I were sending eachother greeting cards. Both pictures were in black and white, and both of the people had guns. The pictures were of Son Goku from the anime Saiyuki, and Devon Aoki, a model girl that Naomi likes. I think it sounds a bit more like a song than a poem, and I really like it.