Like with anime, I could say that it started when I found out about Glay the summer I was fourteen. But since they're the only j-rock band I listened to for about a year, I won't.
Oddly enough, my j-rock obsession started with an arguement in Spanish class. I said something about how men looked good in makeup, remembering Hisashi from Glay.
I went on a pic search, and a lot of the fansites mentioned other bands. This was back in the days of Audio Galaxy. God, did Audio Galaxy ever rock. I downloaded stuff from all the artists I'd heard of, but the songs I downloaded weren't really the good ones.
I did a site search, and got as far as Malice Mizer. I began to use pics to scare the grade sixes. I was a bit of a rebel in grade nine, and hated everyone.
Around May, I made some friends who were also into it, and the obsession really took off. I'm such an information whore. Like I said, when I get into something, I really get into it. And sometimes a bit too fast. I discovered Dir En Grey while downloading Malice Mizer PVs, somehow Yokan was in there.
Before I got interested in J-rock, I was never really interested in music. I mean, I listened to it; I still had the fear of not having my discman; but I never really thought about it. I never learned about the members, I never tried to pick out the bass. So I guess J-rock was sort of a portal to other types. Through J-rock, I started liking heavier types of music; which, before, I probably would have thought was weird. I can't really imagine my twelve-year-old self listening to Rammstein and liking it.