I guess this was my earliest obsession, and you can probably blame my grandparents for it. Every christmas when I was little, my cousins and I would get similar gifts. So one year, the gift was three-foot matching dolls, all with different coloured dresses.
We also all got porcelain dolls one year, but you can't really do anything with those.
Later on, at the folk festival (I come from a Hippie family, and this is a yearly tradition), I spotted a beautiful handmade doll. I got it as a treat (because my brother had gotten devil sticks, another yearly tradition), and the other girls got dolls as well, all in the same style. Mine was blonde and named Rosie, for the roses on her dress; Daniela and Brynne had matching dolls with white hair named Blanche and Bianca; and Andrea's had black hair. In all honesty, I can't remember what she named it.
This trend continued into our common horse obsession, when Daniela sewed all of us stuffed horses for the dolls to ride on.
When I was nine, on a trip to Grand Forks, I spotted the American Girl collection. I bought a book, and some paper dolls.
I love paper dolls. And I loved that catalog. So for christmas when I was ten, I got a personalized American Girl Doll. I named her Brianna, because it was similar to my name. And yes, I ordered all the trinkets and stuff.