At my mom's, I've got one dog, Sandy. We got him from the Humane Society on November 5th, 1998. We don't exactly know how old he is, but we estimated four or five when we got him; although we're starting to think he's ageless, because he sure as hell hasn't slowed down.

He's a mutt, but the people at the Humane Society think that he's mainly a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

This is what a NSDTR is supposed to look like.
This is Sandy.

Personally, I think Sandy's better looking. People generally think he's psycho. His favourite hobbies are humping pillows, humping people, running around and barking at squirrels, cars, and people he doesn't know, and chewing up pillows after he's humped them.

Last spring, we got two miniature shnauzzer puppies, Bowser and Pirate. Bowser was a runt and Pirate was a show dog. We didn't really want him to be, but it was the only way we could get him. He had to have a disgusting operation to make his ears stick up, and eat a special diet.

This fall, Pirate was diagnosed with a liver shunt, and we had to put him down.

Bowser missed his brother at first, but he's fine now, and is used to being the baby of the family.He's a real sweetie, and loves cuddling and car rides, as well as tearing up phonebooks. There's a rule at Dad's, Anything on the ground is a chew toy, and it's pretty true.

Obviously, he's a lot more mellow than Sandy.

This is my Dad holding Bowser.
This is Bowser attacking my leg.