Well, I'm Brietta. I usually go by Lyri on the internet, tho.
I'm currently fifteen years old, and live in Sunny Winnipeg, Manitoba. That's a joke, tho. It's fucking freezing in the winter, although pretty nice in summer.
My parents are divorced, and I live mainly with my mom and brother and horny dog in a blue house. I spend friday nights with my dad, stepmother, and stepsister, and Bowser da Shnauzzer at a big house on St. Cross.
I go to an all girls' school. I'm sort of the odd one out there, but I try to get along with people, even though they're generally annoying. I've got a few friends there, the main ones would be May, Jaya, Rachel, Amina, and Whitney. My friends outside of school are Naomi, Laura, Hillary, Nikki, and Melissa; and on the internet, Casey and Robert, aka Nekomi and Seiya. I love meeting new people, but I'm a little shy at first. Or I just tend to act really weird, and that freaks them out.
I've got extremely weird taste in music, and listen to everything from folk to heavy metal.
I love expressing myself through appearance. I love dyeing my hair and getting piercings, and coming up with fun stuff to wear.