I could say that this started back in Grade Three when everyone was obsessed with Sailor Moon. But since Sailor Moon then went off the air without a trace, and nothing really happened between then and when I really got into it, I won't.
My brother and the boys I hung out with at school got me into Pokemon. I played it, and drew the little things, all through til about the middle of grade seven.
My Prozzak Obsession was probably one of the reasons I got into it. One look at Simon and you'll see he was somehow influenced by anime.
So I rented the videos. And at the end of almost every video, an add played. It was incredibly tacky, but it was for the Ranma 1/2 movie. That, combined with an Animerica I picked up at Blockbuster, was what prompted me to spend forty bucks on the first tape.
Ranma 1/2 was the first "real" anime I watched. I bought some graphic novels at chapters, and got talking with a guy who told me that there was a place on the other side of town, where you could rent anime. I went there, rented more, and picked up an issue of Animerica Extra. That magazine introduced me to Fushigi Yuugi, which I rented and watched. It's been my favourite for almost three years. And then my anime obsession got bigger and bigger. I rented and watched, rented and watched. I got on the internet, scouring for new pics.
Finally, my mom told me that she couldn't take me to Galaxy anymore. Jumbo video rented anime, so I got my anime there for while.
I tend to go for anime that's either quirky or dark right now. My favourite seiyuu is Seki Tomokazu, so I watch a lot of stuff with him in it.