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Shanic The Hedgehog

AKA: Shanic

Age: 50+

Height: 4.0

Personallity: Very cocky and sarcastic.

Normal: Regular, being blue with red stripes, and 2 quills sticking up.
Super: Must have 7 chaos emeralds and 50 rings. Gold with red stripes and has doubled his speed.
Hyper: Same as super except 100 rings. Plain silver, tripled speed and can fly anywhere.
Mega: Same as hyper but must have 1 master emerald. Red with blue stripes. 4 times the speed, can fly and do flash attack.
Perfect: Same as hyper but must have 7 master emeralds. Pure White, can fly, do flash attack and stop time.

Story: Shanic is the true ultimate Liform. Back when ARK was funcuntioning, Biolizard was created as the prototype. After he was created, Professor Gerald Robotnik began creating the version 2 of ultimate life. The outcome was Shanic.
When GUN heard about the "Ultimate Lifeform", they began to search for it. When it was was confimed that it was aboard ARK, GUN began trying to get Shanic. Eventually, they went and got Professor Robotnik, put him on a shooting ground and said "If you don't tell us were Shanic is we will kill you!" Shanic heard about this and was furious! He got down to earth and saw the shooting line that PGR was on. He saw the shooter who began to pull the trigger, then he ran as fast as he could to save him, but by running at 300 mph, he became unstable. He got the Professor out of the way, but the split into 2 beings since he was unstable, making the baby forms of Sonic and Shadow, Sonic having his nice side, Shadow having his bad side.