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Sonic Character Party
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YOU Monday 4th April 2005 - Cool Chao
"It's aliiiive!"
Well, today I actually did something. I'm quite proud of myself. I updated the Owner Bios a little, since we are a year or two older now than we were when we last updated our bios. Heehee. Well, that's all.

YOU Monday 28th March 2005 - Cool Chao
"Happy Easter. And New Year."
It seems that Gav, SHC and myself will probably never update this place again. Well, we might, but we are actually very lazy. This is just a little something to let you all know that we are actually alive, so don't worry about us. As if anyone would :P

If you would like to contact us, go into the Owner Bios and you'll find our e-mail addresses in there.

Also, the forums no longer work, so we may start work on finding a new host for our forums, but we are undecided on this as of yet. Don't get too excited though, you know how slow we all are.

YOU Sunday 15th August 2004 - Gav
Well, it's been almost three months since CC posted the honest truth, and we still haven't done anything. Ah well. "The Madness" sprite comics have been moved here, and yep, the Owner Bios are up here. Sorry about this.

We would also like to take this time to inform you that BBS Brother has officially been cancelled, since we had no idea what we were doing with it (XD), and more importantly, that the e-mail service has been done, and has been for two years. So, if anyone has been trying to sign up using that, then sorry, that's the reason why we've never replied n_n;;... Ah.. rather pathetic, ne? Oh well. You can always use our forums to sign up, but I'm afraid even there we have a bit of bad news..

You see, Arborwood have decided that they want to close down their free Message Board service on September 1st 2004. This is also affecting my own website, and while these Message Boards aren't used much at all, it is an incovenience and we can't afford to keep these running. The forums will remain active until that time, however, so you can still get in touch with us before then. So, that's a big apology to every member. We'll look for a new forum location, but we're afraid all topics on the forums will be lost. However, SHC and I have got backups of all Story posts, so that's a possitive ^_^.

Also, SHC and I are getting into Flash Movies. I'd like to announce here and now that the SCP comic will probably never appear, though I am working on one for Cool Chao which will be uploaded (but sadly, er.. I can't find the pages I've drawn in my room >_<';) when completed. However, perhaps if our Flash skills become advanced enough the series can be shown online in animated forum? We're making no promises, but something like that would be just the thing to revive a site as dead as this. I'm off to do some general updates and tidy-up around the site :). See you around, folks!

YOU Monday 10th May 2004 - Cool Chao
"Updates? No..."
I'm gonna be honest now, we're a lazy lot. We're busy little bees and we really haven't done anything, but you must believe me when I say, we're still here! I wonder if we put up the Owner bios yet... ithink Gav might've done that...

YOU YOU YOU Monday 22nd December - The SCP Gang
"Merry Christmas Everyone!"
It is only three days til Christmas so, From the whole SCP Team...
Merry Christmas!!!

YOU Monday 20th October - Cool Chao
"Gav does everything here..."
Well, Gav put up the Owner Bios the other day. There you go. Good Gav!

YOU Sunday 21st September - Gav
"He stole my car!!" "Lighten up Gav, he got the bio done.."
Darn my split personality. On one side, I've lost a car ;_;, but on the other.. SHC DID HIS BIO! ^_____________^ happy days..

Well, we have a new character bio up; Shadic the Hegdheog! Make him feel welcome or I'll set SHC loose on ya.. :P (sorry XD)

SHC Sunday 14th September - SHC
"*Cue thunder and lightning*"

Just here to say I finally got my owner bio done....

Gav: Your the best man, here, have the keys to my car n_n;
Coolchao: Nag nag nag nag nag nag you can have all my money nag nag nag etc.....

Aw, thanks guys


YOU Monday 8th September - Gav
"*repeat of the searchlight scene in Titanic* Hello? Is anyone out there? Hard Core!?"
Well, I've fulfilled Cool Chao's wishes and cleared up the main site! All of the updates missing below are now in the update section! Now, if only that blasted Hard Core would do his bio..

Ah well.. don't worry folks! We'll keep up the nagging 'til he cracks ^_^, then we'll have our owner bios!

YOU Sunday 7th September - Cool Chao
"New Character! Not Very New Complaints..."
Yep, Shanic the Hedghog is our brand new member! Say Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

Also, It would appear we should probably add some updates to the update archive and delete some on the front page afterwards 'cause we're getting a bit crowded, huh? I can't be bothered doing that though so that'll be Gav's job...

And, SHC is working on his owner bio... Soon... soon...

YOU Tuesday 19th August - Gav
"It's official.. SHC is MIA.."
Another new member! Hiro the Chao is out latest member! In case you haven't noticed, the Forums are pretty active, so you should check them out. This new member boost is helping loads!

And I've also updated the Characters section, so it should be a lot easier and clearer to see who's who and which story they're in ^^. I'm also planning a pretty big Story update soon, so be prepared!

Also, we need your lighter fluids. We're having a bonfire tonight.. *stacks up SHC's magazines*

YOU Thursday 7th August - Cool Chao
"Update Alert!!! Hide!"
Well, we have a new member: Nova The Hedgehog! Yay! Also, I left the space between the two lists because I don't know how to fix it. If one of you would fix that, that'd be a good help.
In other news, the lazy idiot that is SHC still hasn't written his bio... Hurry up or we'll burn more of your girlie magazines...

YOU Saturday 5th July - Gav
Um, the e-mail service broke down again. Anyway, until it's sorted out, eveyone who wants to join will have to use this new forum on our Message Boards. Sorry, but we'll have it fixed soon.

No actual updates, apart from the traditional Saturday Madness issue. Keep an eye out for the owner bios; we're waiting on one lazy hedgie to finish theirs (:P you know who you are!)

Um, and that's it!

YOU Saturday 7th June - Cool Chao
No actual updates, just a little... Thingy... That we forgot to mention... Saturday 31st May was Gav's birthday, so if we could all wave and shout, that'd be good...

Fine! Don't wave and shout! :P Anyway, everyone hopes ya had a nice birthday!
Anyway, Look out, 'cause soon we'll have the owner Bios up... Like, real people bios! *gasp* ... By soon, we mean... In a few years...

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