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The Music Page


Here are a few pieces that I personally have composed using primarily Impulse Tracker. They are mostly in the 'IT' format which in older versions of Winamp required a mod to play. Click to play or right click to download. Average file size for IT files is around 300 KB. Enjoy!



Thought Crime (Impulse tracker file)
Thought Crime (Midi)
Canon in D Arrangement (Impulse Tracker file)
Canon in D Arrangement (Midi)
Emotional Tirade (unfinished piece) (Impulse Tracker file)
Swirling Dreams (unfinished peace) (Impulse Tracker file)
Reflections (Unfinished piece) (Impulse Tracker file)
Beyond it All (Impulse Tracker File)


These files were created using 'Impulse Tracker' an excellent and, most importantly, free composition utility using the old appearance of a utility called 'Scream Tracker' but with more options. It is still available for free download and use here.

Or, if you prefer to use windows for writing music and aren't into that whole DOS thing, a new music writing utility with many of the same features and other cool options is also free for use called Mod Plug Tracker. This is an excellent DirectX utility for writing music and is also available at no cost here.

At the same site, you may also download a utility to play IT files and MOD files if you cannot get them to work in Winamp or your favorite media player. This utility is also free of charge and quite handy!

There are a variety of utilities available to assist the use of these programs (including some files to get Impulse Tracker working in Windows) which I will create links to as I create this site. Remember to check back here often for music updates. This site is a work in action and can only be done in my spare time! Thanks for your patience!





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