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Jonathan B.
Status: Mystery Machine, Pave the Earth x3, Garou Hater x2, Evil Shadow x2, Shaggy x5, Wants to be Bribed x2

Jon F.
Status: Scary When Angry x5, Tremere Lore x7, Drives Alot x3, Flat Tires x4, Ward vs Shapeshifters, Ward vs Smokers, Specialist x3.

Status: Agoraphobe x 3, Ward vs. Idiots, Winnebago x5, Hunter x3


Status: No Sleep=STUPID x5, Tremere Bodyguard x2, Specialist x3, The Fop x2, HIDE! x8, Genophobe, Grand High Potentate of Tiki x2

David B.
Status: One Who First Spoke "TIKI!", No Dollar For David, Thats a HUGE Bitch x5, You Dont See Me - Ever.x4 Garou Sympathizer x3, Fate HATES Me x2 Ward VS Smokers, TIKI!