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Favorite Quotes

"Clears his throat, and then, in a child-like falsetto voice:: But why can't we have a Ravnos primogen?" - Dan E.
"You're a bastard, you bastard!" - Chris, Chris, David, Jon, Ryan...
"You only have an INKLING." - Jason L.
"Take one for the team." - Scott A.
"I hate the world." - Kyle B.
"Add my mana pool to mental traits. Concentrate. Dominate. I'm a lower gen than you! Cause I'm Rael Dellavin!" - origins not documented
"Since when does burning a Rage work the same as Aegis!?" - David B.
"Let me get this straight... You hit me over the head with that shovel. I mysteriously pass out. You bury me. And when I wake up, for some reason I belong to the Sabbat?" - Jon F.
"Would you like a shadow retest? *GRINS EVILLY*" - Chris W., to Jon F... many many times.