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House Rules

+ means a recent addition.
* means a recent change.
Character Creation/Approval

  1. * A background story is required before any character can be approved. Backgrounds can be as long or as short as desired; they need only contain key information from the character's history. * If you wish to have any derangements, negative traits, merits or flaws, you must explain them in your background.
  2. * Currently Player characters may only be Camarilla Clan Vampires, Camarilla allied Independents, or Ghouls. A Ghoul's Dominator must be considered a legal character concept. We do not allow any minor bloodlines at this time. The only thing remotely possible would be a Gargoyle.
  3. No new player character may purchase any influence above 2 dots.
  4. Path of Blood will be the starting path for all Tremere.
  5. For a new player character to start play with an out-of-clan discipline: you must have the Mentor background purchased to at least two dots. Purchasing the out-of-clan will cost 3 freebie points. You may only start with the first basic, and cannot be a clan-specific discipline. ST approval is specifically required before purchasing any out-of-clan Discipline.
  6. * You may not start higher than 14th generation, and no lower than 10th generation.
  7. You may not start with any Ability rating higher than 3.
  8. You may not start with any Lore rating higher than 2.
  9. Starting Willpower is equal to your starting Courage.
  10. Maximum Willpower is 10 for all Vampires.(This is true after character creation)
  11. Your starting three disciplines must be in-clan and basic. You may buy one intermediate in-clan discipline at the cost of 6 freebee points.


  1. * To use Presence you must be able to physically see the target. Exception being: Summon and Majesty(Clarified below).
  2. * Majesty affects the entire area in which the vampire can physically see and physically be seen.
  3. When Summoned a character will get an intuitive feeling of being late for an appointment. The character will not consciously think about the nature or location of said appointment. The effect is immediate, and the target will use all means necessary to arrive at the "appointment" in the most efficient way possible... This includes attacking anyone who attempts to stop the character.
  4. Telepathy may be used on anyone whom would also qualify for Summon. Exception being: you may target anyone that you can physically see.
  5. When using Telepathy you may expend a mental trait to attempt to create multiple links.
  6. To use the discipline of Aura Perception you must observe the target for a short time while in a state of calm contemplation. This may include time spent talking to the target.
  7. 8th generation characters may not purchase higher than advanced disciplines.
  8. + When expending traits, you may not burn a willpower and expend the refreshed traits for the same expenditure in the same turn.
  9. + Unawakened Mortals max traits are 8.
  10. + Half-Awakened Mortals max traits are 9.


  1. Diablerie will grant the diablerist two abilities which the target has purchased to higher levels than those of the attacker. If there are no such qualifying abilities the storyteller will choose two.
  2. Only fifteen unspent experience points will transfer over between characters.
  3. Learning an out-of-clan discipline does not require tasting the blood of the teacher.
  4. All player characters must use the 10 point humanity/path system (As described in Table Top); Conscience plus Self-Control equals Humanity.
  5. * A trait of blood in a human is one pint. Vampires may have more than ten blood traits, but not more than 10 pints of blood. The quality of vampire vitae is such that less counts for more.