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It's time you got off your asses. It's time you stopped 
being paper pushers. You aren't glorified Narrators. You're 

So tell a story. 

I challenge all of you to approach your bored neonates, sit 
down with them, and work out a plot. If you can't think of 
a story to tell, I suggest you base it on betrayal. Tell a 
story about backstabbing. You need to do all this without 
NPC's. Not one. 

Look, it's like this. Most of your bored little neonates 
are bored little neonate because they're new to the game 
and don't know enough to make things happen for their 
characters. Maybe they don't have the confidence to talk to 
the Brujah primogen. Maybe they don't have the moxy to go 
after status. Who knows. What I do know is that if you 
approach them and _ASK_ them to do XYZ to forward plot Q, 
they'll jump at it. 

The key word here is ASK. Don't tell. Don't order. Don't 
force. That way lies heavy-handed madness. Ask them. 

Why introduce a lame NPC when you already have a supply of 
PC's that are just waiting for something cool to role-play