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Please email any things you believe should be added to this list.

1. Accept that you are NOT the main character in the story. 
You are a part of the story, just like everyone else. 
Whether you are a Caitiff or a Justicar, you are one 
character and not everything revolves around you, not 
everything is going to go your way. The good of the 
story is more important than one character.

2. Work with the storyteller and the other players. LARP is 
a group effort, only when everyone is a part of it will it 

3. Don't cheat. It shouldn't have to be said, but it does. 
Regardless of whether or not you know the holes in the 
rules or know more than a newbie player, you shouldn't 
abuse that knowledge.

4. Determine what your character wants to accomplish and go 
for it. Don't wait for someone to lead you around the 
dungeon. LARP is not the right game for that. Get involved.

5. Don't whine. If another character steals your 
influences, plan a counter-attack. If you get hauled before 
the Prince because you violated someone's Domain, you 
probably had it coming. If your character gets killed by an 
NPC werewolf, they are not called death with fur for 
nothing. Whiners are losers and jerks.

6. STAY IN CHARACTER. This is the LARP-killer. Use your 
imagination, add to the drama, spice up the intrigue. The 
only way for a LARP to work is become your character.

7. Tell a story. Mind's Eye Theatre was written with 
descriptive Traits for a reason. Use them, but also go 
beyond them. Tell a story about what your character is 
doing, feeling and attempting.

8. Respect. We're all adults. Act like it. Common sense 
says "Treat others as you would like to be treated." This 
goes for other Players, the Narrators, people who are not 
playing and people's property. If someone loans you 
something, they are trusting you, show them that you 
deserve that trust.

9. Don't use Out-of-Character information. Your Character 
has never read a Clanbook or a Player's Guide. Your 
Character has a limited view on the World; lessons from a 
Sire or Mentor perhaps, but mostly the night-to-night 
school of (un)life. Think carefully about what your 
Character would know and how they would feel about the 
world around them.

10. Have Fun. Enjoy the energy and creativity the other 
Players bring to the game. Add your mark to the story. 
Don't ruin other Player's fun. Get into the mood and 
atmosphere, react to the situation in front of you...laugh, 
cry, gasp, shout...become your Character.

11. Remember, your character is a person. He has real goals,
modivations, likes and desires. Try to figure out what it
is your character does between games, and I don't just mean
things like influence use.

12. Sts please remember that all
of the above 11 rules apply to you as well. Your favourite
NPC is not the central character. Your NPCs are real people
with real motivations.

13. - At the end of the day, it is just a game