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Favorite Links

NEW! Chicago Afire Website A Vampire: The Masquerade LARP held in Chicago.
Medieval Warfare with Foam Weapons My other website dedicated to sword fighting with specialy made foam weapons.
Whitewolf: Home page of the fine folks that created the lovely world that we play in.
LARP Do's and Don'ts
A Challenge: A Challenge to all Players.
A Challenge: A Challenge to all Storytellers.
Vampire Masquerade: Meet up: A site dedicated to linking Vampire Masquerade fans. I suggest you join!
Manifesto: Maybe a bit too bubblegum-happy for me, but it does defend roelplaying games.
News Article: An article that defends roleplaying.(can't have enough of these)
FSU Article: An article written about the Florida State University LARP.
Role Playing Games Don't Kill People. People Can Kill Each Other Without Any Help
Phobias: A huge list of phobias.
Shadowbane: Home page to a ground-breaking MMORPG.(not released)
Adellion: Home page to a very exciting and lore intensive MMORPG.(not released)
Web of Darkness: Huge list of links related to the whole World of Darkness.
Founding Fathers: A hilarious what-if of the Clans' founders in action.
Clan Flaws: A hilarious what-if of the Clans' founders deciding the Clan Flaws.

I'm always irritated by the bad reputation roleplayers and roleplaying games get. So, with the hope of Awakening the world, please send me any sites or articles that defend roleplaying!