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What Is LARP?

Live-action role playing (LARP) is a recreational activity that has roots in both improvisational theatre and traditional role playing games. The intention of LARP is to provide a creative environment where people can explore different characters and themes while interacting with each other. LARP differs from traditional theatre in two aspects. The first is that there is no audience; everyone is invited to participate in the events. The second aspect is that we use a framework of rules to govern our characters' actions and interactions as opposed to reading and acting from a script.

To quell any fears people might have about psychos and blood cults...

"The Inevitable Disclaimer

Vampire: The Masquerade
is a game. It's a game that requires imagination, effort, creativity and, above all, maturity. Part of maturity is realizing that Vampire is only a game and that the situations depicted in these pages are strictly imaginary. If you beat somebody at Monopoly tm, you don't go out and foreclose on their house. If you sink someone's Battleship tm, you don't go down to the Navy Yard and start throwing Molotovs at the boats. The same principle applies to any roleplaying or storytelling game.

In other words, you are not a vampire. When a game session ends, put away the books, pack away the dice, enjoy the rest of your life and let other people enjoy theirs.

For the 99.9999+% of you who are sufficiently well adjusted not to need such a ridiculous disclaimer, have fun."

From Vampire: The Masquerade
1998, White Wolf Publishing Inc.