Rules for Rising Sun Members

These rules are for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. Rule breakers may expect anything from a warning, to banishment from Rising Sun, with no hope of return.

General Rules of conduct

1, whatever is up with your character - and yes your character might be the sworn enemy of another character and spend ages trying to kill them, but when in 21st century mode you behave civilly to the other person! No hate messages to be sent to them except during RPGing!

2, on events, please behave civilly to members of the public, and stay within rules for the area, so if we are in a field and the farmer has said "no screaming after 10pm", that means, NO SCREAMING AFTER 10pm! You might be the Daimyo of all you survey, but you wont get far without treating the peasants right!

3, do not play practical jokes with weapons.

4, we have no weapons licensing that is up to you. If the police, landowners etc have a question or wish to check your "toys", then you will co-operate pleasantly and fully.

5, the message boards are only to be used for introducing your character, talking about our games, or details of cultrual relation to Rising Sun - so if youre talking about making fake swords, or where to find info on samurai clans, that is fine, but if you are talking about the porn you found online or how you want to inrtoduce us to Jesus, please do that on someone else's message board!

6, arguements to do with the game that you will not resolve (outside of games), for example "i am not talking to Fred, he said i am nowhere as good as Musashi was. I hate him and will not attend events he is at" should be referred to the Rising Sun Shogunate to be sorted out.

Rules for Playing

Who hoo playing! Schools out!

1, your character doesnt need to be samurai, he/she can be of any social class that existed during 1600 - 1867, and come from any area of Japan. If playing the Shogun you live in Edo however, though you might be visiting elsewhere.

2, costumes are to look pretty authentic! see Samurai Matsuri for some free downloadable patterns.

3, weapons, weather wood, paper mache, steel or whatever are to be BLUNT! (this will be checked. I know its dissapointing but deaths are to be faked only)

4, if you get yourself killed, You will have to re-join with another persona. The one exeption is seppuku. If you are of samurai class and dishonour your family or lord, or have such a grievance that it cannot be otherwise expressed, you may committ seppuku. (in the case of dishonoring your lord, it may be mandatory) When you return as another character however, he/she will be one social step below his/her last one, and will have to earn your way up to or beyond your previous status. Those below samuari status need not worry about a fall down the social ladder.. you dont get to disembowel yourself tho if you are really criminal you might get beheaded, but you can come back at the same social status.

5, A few ways to avoid getting killed: Get a good knowledge of 1600 - 1867 Japanese Culture, practice your weapons skills, do not dishonour yourself, your family, or your lord, study your enemies for thier weaknesses, try and reslove problems diplomatically rather than through a duel... If you are not sure of your martial arts, you may either find a mentor (no more that two students per mentor), or join at a lower social status, study, and earn you way up.

6, you can earn your way up the social ladder - or bribe your way if you meet a bribable samurai, it does happen - in the following ways: by saving a samurai's life, or by doing something else wonderfully noble!

8, your martial arts skills do need to look realistc. Kickboxing/ Kung Fu/ Tai chi/ yoga are not options, martial arts styles we reconise are Iaido, Aikido, Kendo, Jujutsu, Kyudo, ninjutsu, naginata-do. Please enquire over more obscure Japanese ones. If its not a Japanese one then sorry.. it doesnt count.

9, when fighting an opponent you will not beat them up more than they can (real life) withstand! In martial arts training you will not beat up a beginner the same way you would a black belt! We dont want real life injuries do we? For beginners or people being turned into pulp in general, if its getting too heavy, just give in rather than get a broken neck! It might be very samurai to die with honor, but not to 21st century health and safety officials! Beating people up for real results in Banishment!!!!!

10, Remain true to your current persona.. you can have up to three at once.. but not more than one in any social class, clan or family.

11, in live action events participate in costume and make up! Otherwise you will be assumed to be a spectator and no amount of persuasion will convince us otherwise!


Please click on the link(s) that is the nearest description to your persona for more information and help, and to find out who the other members of Rising Sun are. If you are a lady, please click on the profession of your characters husband, except in the case of geisha.

samurai commoner forign trader yakuza, monk, bandit,.

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7, For historical information, please use the links contined in the text, thank you...