Tamiko Hiratasuka, is a 23 year old girl, a film maker, writer and martial arts enthusiast from Brixham is Devon. England.

Back to the Rising Sun homepageShe runs Rebel Films and has about half a million interests including film making, goth, new age, chambara, samurai history, internet, swimming in the sea, being alone, dreaming, swords, revolution, alternative living, crystals, swords, paranormal, sci fi, fantasy, ancient wisdom, Japanese martial arts (i train in Aikido and Iaido), Bushido, multimedia, Atlantis, rebelling against modern society, penpaling, freedom, archaeology, current affairs, manga, Lone Wolf And Cub, live action role playing, writing, new media, being freaky, shamanisim, drums, and more.


Tamiko Hiratasuka

is the 23 year old daimyo of the small Hiratasuka han in northern Japan.

Tamiko is actually a girl but as her father had no other children, he has brought her up as a boy and only a few close retiners know the truth. Tamiko is one one hand terribly traditional and on the other rebellious. She is average but getting better at swordmanship and often relies on verbal intimidation to get her way. She is connected with the much more powerful Matsura clan in the south of Japan (her mother being a member of the Matsura family) and she travels around Japan a lot.

She greatly values freedom, and the commoners living nearby either love her or hate her, the same with neighboring clans. The Shogunate officals eye her with concern, as she is a little too unconventional for thier comfort.

Tamiko Hiratasuka