I am YOUR host so come on in don't steal my crap don't feed the people and we should get along just fine don't push my buttons and I wont rip yours off! Under a very long grusume torturos construction so deal with it it will be the best or be one of them. So have fun stay straight and enjoy what I have or pay the consaquences.

The picture is me by the way cause I am evil!!!!

I love Megan Franklin. signed, Travis Lovell

oooohhhhhh.......and hey I heard you got a new mailman(your mom)signed,gary phair

I am big big PIMP! signed, Ryan Fream

So I bet your sayin hey dumbass where's all the crap you said you were going to put on here & I would reply by saying see this 14 inch foot it is about to go up your arse and out your throat so unless you want to die a most horific death then I guess you better shut your mouth because slaves of the darkside get watermelons up their ass if they don't mind me there master. <bgsound src="http://www.angelfire.com/falcon/ridethelightning/sounds/01_Track_1.wma" autostart=true loop=false>

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