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Lisa Kelly
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    I grew up in a nice suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up, in school, I was more of an observer than a participator, which was fine with me. My grades were average, more for lack of trying than anything else. I went to college after high school, but didn't like it and dropped out after my first year. I worked at a sporting goods store for a year and a half after that, and decided to try school again. I went to a small agricultural branch of Ohio State, where I attended for 1 1/2 years before flunking out, again due to lack of interest and trying. The only good thing that came out of that was that I met (or should I say re-met) my future husband there. Hugh and I grew up on the same street as kids and even played together as 5 year olds. We lost touch when he went to private schools and I went to public schools. We married in 1987 and had our daughter, Megan, in 1996.

In 1993 we moved to an old estate in the village of Hunting Valley, Ohio. Minimun lot sizes for homes in the village are 5 acres, and many homes have more than that. One estate down the street from us has over 600 acres, and our place has 212 acres. We live in the old chauffeur's house. Our house is very small, but we have the whole estate to play on. We regulalry see deer, coyote, buzzards, hawks, wild turkeys, and we've been lucky enough to see fox and pheasant. The Chagrin River runs through the property, and if we wanted to, we could hike down there and do some fishing and watch the beavers play.